Great Challenge Ideas

Future Challenges

Here are some other ideas I’m exploring. I’ll continue to add to this as I come across other ideas and pages.

Fitness Challenges

  • 100 Pushups – 100 Situps/Pushups (I’ve seen a few variations of these, but the one I saw was to increase the pushup by one daily, while reducing the situps by one, for example. But there are plenty of variants, and web sites with programs, etc) (Underway Nov-Dec 2011.)
  • Janathon/Juneathon (run (exercise) every day for the month)
  • Waterbury Challenge – number of push ups, pull ups and lunges per leg as the date of the month (can be done in multipe sets)

Food Challenges

  • Bob Harper (the American Biggest Loser trainer (well, not anymore apparently) has daily food and exercise challenges on his page. A new exercise every day is a fun way to keep exercise fresh.
  • 100 Days of Real Food (Wow! Talk about an amazing challenge!)
  • Veggie Challenge (Only cooking with home grown produce, or go veg for 1 month)
  • Gluten Free (go gluten free for a month)
  • Sugar Free (this might be too hard… but would be entirely worthwhile)

Lifestyle, Simplicity, Sustainability

  • No New Gifts for Christmas and further explanations here. This is totally what Christmas 2013 will look like for me!
  • This is a great challenge that can be customised. For two weeks every October, the EcoChallenge is a way to promote more sustainable living. I definitely want to make this part of my regular challenges!
  • Give up Monsanto for Lent (or whatever excuse you need) – what an important challenge. This would probably be near as hard as eliminating Unilever from your home.
  • Diana from The Chic Life started Project Think Positive for August 2011.
  • Love Yourself Challenge
  • How Do I Love Me?
  • Technology Sabbath (as mentioned in previous posts – unplug from technology for 12-24 hours)
  • No TV for 30 days
  • Reading Challenges (read a book a week, a book a month, or 30 minutes a day. Normally I read in fits and starts. I start to read because I must read and can do nothing else, and then don’t read for ages. 30 minutes a day would be quite an interesting change.)
  • Writing Challenges (post a day or themes or creative writing, there are a few different things I’ve seen. I have theme words that are written at the top of each page of my diary (daytimer) and these would make excellent topics for posts). There is also another blog-a-day challenge, but don’t try to get me to pronounce the name of the page 🙂
  • Meditation (spending 10-30 minutes daily reflecting – this would also be a good one to try soon)
  • Do Nothing for Two Minutes Challenge. I did it. It was interesting. A great lead-in to trying to meditate.

Some other Ideas

  • Streak Challenges (how many consecutive days can you … then repeat and go for more)
  • There was a guy who did a whole lot of challenges and had some great suggestions. Here are a few of his ideas. I quite like the 30 days of 10,000 steps or 30 days riding bike to work (or walking, as that would be easier for me, my dog can’t keep up with the bike.) (Well, we all know how that one went :P)
  • Be More with Less has a great set of Mini-Missions, which can take as little as an hour or as long as you like. Check out the list of missions, including things like feed someone, grow something, pass it on, have a nap…
  • Challenge a Day

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