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Challenge Complete!


Exercise every day in June.



In November and December 2011 I attempted to do multiple challenges. here are my notes from Nov/Dec and a few updates.

Budget Battles Challenge. Although not a formal challenge to start with, but just a concept of living more frugally, the basic premise is to work within a restricted budget and increase savings. Now with Christmas looming, I am ‘off the reservation’ as far as sticking to my restrictive budget goes, however, my savings are more than making up for it!

I am still working on this challenge, but I discovered that the amount I set is unrealistic. I just cannot feed us on the amount left over after the mortgage, insurance and fuel. But it’s still good to try.

Smile More! I wanted to do something to improve the morale at work. So I decided to start with the simplest thing I could think of! Smile more! ūüôā Smiles are contagious! Pass it on! ūüôā

I don’t smile nearly enough. :/

100 Push Ups Challenge. Mat and I are¬†were doing this one together! In 6 weeks time I should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups from the toes. That’s what they tell me! ūüôā I have two weeks to go an am not 100% confident I will get to 100, but am hoping for 50 toes and 50 knees at the end of the challenge.

I didn’t finish this challenge, but I got close… I can’t remember, it must have been around 70ish. Not too shabby!

LiveFit Body Transformation Challenge. This is a prescribed workout and diet regime by Jamie Eason, a fitness model. It’s a challenging routine and schedule and I can see how it will definitely impact on my fitness and physique (especially if I actually followed it to the letter!)

I didn’t do this to the end, but it was awesome and it was really challenging!!

“A Week Without Wheels”¬†– November 2011

My sister challenged me to go without a car for 7 days straight.

She pushed me with the comment “I bet you can’t do it!”

Turns out she was right.

It was totally impossible. Can’t be done. Epic Fail.

Fact is, it just isn’t practical to do it every day. The distance isn’t the factor, time and logistics are.

I did between 6 and 9 of 14 days, depending on how technical you want to get, and that’s about when I decided to give up trying to get seven consecutive days of living without a car. (See summary¬†here.)

I like walking, but it’s just not something I can make part of my daily routine, so, I will walk when I can, and not feel guilty about it when I can’t.

‚ÄúBe a Better Me in 30 Days‚Ä̬†– August 2011

I didn’t exactly complete this challenge, but I did get through the first¬†13 or so days. I found the tasks in this challenge really enlightening. The¬†character board¬†and the¬†live a character trait days¬†were fabulous and very eye-opening. I am amazed I didn’t write about the character day… that is so weird.

The difference between this and other challenges is that each day was a new challenge in itself, rather than just creating or building a new habit by repeating the same task daily. I think I need to go back and keep working on these tasks and complete the challenge. I found¬†that¬†the program¬†was too rushed. I couldn’t get everything done in the short time needed, and I didn’t feel I had time to really¬†delve into each exercise completely. I needed to spend a few days practicing one thing, to feel really comfortable with it, before moving on to the next task. But it was still really worthwhile.

Love Yourself Challenge РFebruary 2011

Basic Idea: say three things that I love about myself EVERY day and no repeats!

How it went for me:¬†I didn’t make it all the way to 28 days. February was busy. I made it to day 17 and decided I loved myself enough to not stress about coming up with something unique every night.

Conculsion:¬†A great little exercise, it makes you very appreciative of the things you are capable of and that make you proud and feel good. Definitely meets the criteria for “challenge” because I could often come up with “things I love” (like sunrises and birds chittering in the morning), coming up with “things I love¬†about me” was far more difficult.¬† A worthwhile exercise, but a month might be too long. Maybe as a lead up to Valentines Day next time, so only half a month?

Eat In Challenge РJanuary 2011

Basic idea:¬†Don’t eat food you don’t assemble yourself. This doesn’t completely eliminate processed or packaged foods, but suggests that you prepare ahead of time and get organised for meals at work. For me, I especially wanted to avoid cellophane wraped microwavable ‘instant’ foods.

How it went for me:¬†I¬†did eat¬†packaged food a few times, due to poor planning and time constraints. And also,¬†twice, because it was stinking hot and I really wanted an ice cream! ūüôā But mostly I’ve enjoyed this process. It’s been good to make great food, to have a healthy meal at work and not eat tasteless junk.

Breaches of the principles:¬†I ate out with family once, but chose a healthier option. I had an ice cream on¬†two very¬†hot days (I was working at the pool, on deck, in the hot Aussie¬†sun. It was worth it!). I purchased a wrap for breakfast when we left for a long road-trip because we really didn’t have any food in the house. I had a Spinach and Ricotta roll when we returned from said road trip as there was no food in the house still, and I was so flatly disapointed in how tasteless the roll was! I had to dip it in hot sauce to even consider it an enjoyable eating experience.

Conclusion:¬†Eat In Month¬†is something I’d like to develop into more of a habit, because of the planning and cooking skills I’m developing, and just for being able to eat healthy, delicious food I enjoy!


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