Bucket List

Welcome to my Bucket List! I was really surprised at how this list grew and changed at the end of 2011!

I accomplished a few of my goals in 2012, as pointed out with the links, and more are still to come over the next year.

Fitness Goals

  1. Complete an Olympic Triathlon
  2. Complete a Half Marathon
  3. Cycle a Century – Metric and Imperial
  4. Get 6-pack abs
  5. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge
  6. Do Jacobs Ladder – quickly
  7. During summer months do weekly: 1km swim, 20km bike, 5km run, 5 hours other exercise, 2 hours horse play
  8. Compete in reining (Monique and Irwin)
  9. Climb Bluff Knoll – completed July 15, 2012
  10. Hike the Bibulmun Track
  11. Hike the Cape-to-Cape
  12. Try Geocaching

Goals that need Water:

  1. Kayak – we bought kayaks in January 2012, and it is one of my favourite activities
  2. Surf – and stand up on the surf board regularly!
  3. Stand Up Paddling
  4. Try Windsurfing
  5. Do the Busselton Jetty Swim
  6. Swim the Rott-to-Cott
  7. Kayak the full length of the Blackwood River

Goals that need Snow:

  1. Cross-country ski
  2. Go snow-shoeing
  3. Try Curling (I haven’t done this since grade 8 phys ed)

Others that I just can’t do quite yet:

  1. Complete a long Endurance ride on horseback
  2. Do the Grouse Grind in Vancouver – completed August 28, 2013
  3. Hike across Tasmania (Overland Track?)
  4. Master some form of Dance
  5. Boxing
  6. Martial Arts
  7. Take up Fencing
  8. Try rock climbing for real (not just an indoor wall)
  9. Master Yoga

Travel and Adventure

  1. Go white water rafting
  2. Go whale watching
  3. Ride a jet-ski
  4. Try hang-gliding
  5. Swim with the Whale Sharks

Canada/North America – Winter:

  1. Skate on Rideau Canal
  2. Take Mat to Carnival and meet the BonHomme!
  3. Go dog-sledding
  4. Experience Aurora Borealis

Canada/North America – Summer:

  1. Visit Alaska and the Canadian Territories
  2. See Niagara Falls (Missed this one on our last trip to Canada)
  3. Ride Horseback across Canada on the Trans-Canada Trail
  4. Go to Radium Hot Springs for real this time
  5. Walk on a glacier – before they all melt
  6. See Old Faithful
  7. See the midnight sun


  1. Sail from the southern-most point of Australia to Cape York – the northern-most point.


  1. Visit the West Indies and pretty much all the tropical islands
  2. Live 6 months in a country other than Australia or Canada
  3. See a volcano up close (go to Hawaii?)
  4. Take a cruise ship anywhere!
  5. Stand on the equator
  6. Put my foot in every ocean
  7. Visit every continent


  1. See the Great Wall of China
  2. Go on a Mongolian horse trek
  3. See the Taj Mahal
  4. Float in the Dead Sea
  5. See Bhutan

Africa: (I have been on this continent)

  1. See the Victoria Falls
  2. See the Pyramids
  3. Take an African Safari

South America:

  1. See the Angel Falls
  2. See the pyramids of Machu Pichu


  1. See the South Pole
  2. Experience Aurora Australis

Europe: (I have been on this continent)

  1. Travel to Europe
  2. Do a castle tour of England and France
  3. Travel on the Orient Express
  4. Tour the Mediterranean
  5. Do the big European pilgrimage walk (can’t recall the name of it)


  1. Help out my family however I can
  2. Bring my brother Madison here on a working holiday – to build our kitchen and hang out and travel!
  3. Buy a motorcycle (enduro bike)
  4. Go vegetarian
  5. Go gluten free
  6. See ‘Cats’ and ‘Wicked’ and heaps more plays and musicals!
  7. See Cirque de Soleil
  8. Finish our home renos
  9. Ride my horse again – completed May 20, 2012
  10. Rescue animals that need us – adopted “Little Miss” on June 11, 2012
  11. Do the ‘No New Gifts for Christmas’ challenge
  12. Read more books
  13. Get more massages
  14. Live at the beach on the ocean
  15. Live at ‘Sundance’
  16. Live with Mat in Canada for a year
  17. Volunteer with a humanitarian organisation
  18. Volunteer with a ‘green’ organisation
  19. Live off-grid
  20. Fly First Class
  21. Live on a boat
  22. Buy a retirement property
  23. Own a Dodge Charger or Challenger

Career and Education

  1. Study Nutrition
  2. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  3. Learn to scuba dive
  4. Be a better manager
  5. Start a PT business?
  6. Study Physiotherapy
  7. Learn to Speak Spanish & Italian
  8. Lean to speak German
  9. Learn to speak French again – properly!
  10. Learn sign language

Touchy-Feely and Random Ones

  1. Bring positive change to people’s lives
  2. Do more ‘just because’ calls, cards and gifts
  3. Get another tattoo
  4. Do calligraphy again – and finally do that big project
  5. Finally do that blog idea I haven’t had the guts to get started on

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