I started blogging about my journey to complete the Blackwood Marathon (12km run, 8.5km paddle, 1km swim, 16km horse ride, 20km bike ride), which I did as an Iron Woman in October 2010.

“Chasing the Blackwood Marathon” drove me to better understand health, fitness, and endurance training, and it was my sole focus for a whole year. It was a driving force, and I faced many challenges and learning curves throughout that year of training.

When I was done the Blackwood, I felt rather ‘lost’ for purpose and direction, and this blog is still slowly transforming as I find my voice and my focus.

What I have discovered as I began to explore life ‘after the Blackwood’ is that accomplishing the Blackwood was about becoming my best self. It was about rising up to the challenge, learning, growing and, quite often, struggling. What I learned from those struggles still translates into the new challenges I face.

Now this blog reflects the things that matter to me, the changes and growth I experience, and, as I was back in 2010, I continue ‘Chasing the Blackwood Marathon’ to become a better person, make wiser choices, and become my best self.

If you’re interested in such things, come see what I have going on on Pinterest:



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  1. Congratulations on doing that mind-boggling marathon! Wow, paddling and horseback riding were included! I’m interested to see what you will be doing next. I’m sure I’ll get ideas on how to be my best self too. Thank you!

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