Four Years Ago

I started blogging FOUR years ago!

Wow, that seems an eternity!

And how much has changed, what has happened since then?

I started out using this as a place to put all those thoughts and ideas and fears and doubts and brags about my training for the Blackwood Marathon to save Mat from my incessant ramblings and emotional turmoil.

I’m not sure if it saved him or not, but pretty sure it saved me!

I’ve recorded a lot of highs and lows. My blogging has gone through similar highs and lows.

The best thing, though, is that it is here when I need it. When I have something to say to the universe, my blog is here, and you are here. And there is a lot of comfort in that.

So, although I’m not around a lot right now, I am grateful to have found this platform to express myself. And I am surprised that I’ve been here this long (as you know, I’m a great starter, not a great finisher) :).

I’m even more surprised that people have found me, followed me, and some of you maybe even like me and what I have to say.

Seriously, that completely blows my mind!

So, happy birthday to Chasing the Blackwood Marathon and thank YOU for being part of it! 🙂



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