Top of my game

In the last few weeks I was in a negativity funk and it wasn’t pretty. I was feeling frustrated, ineffective, tired, struggling to make decisions, too often feeling frantic and unprepared.

Seriously. Ick.

But then, just recently, something switched.

At some point on Wednesday I actually noticed this mental flip and I started to feel on top of things.

In fact, I’m kinda feeling on top of my game right now!

Work is going well (though there is always so much more I could do), I’ve gotten involved in a community group that makes me feel positive and influential. Influential in that I feel like what I do makes a difference and can help not just me, but my community at large.

Man, did I get old somewhere along the line and decide that I need to “give back”? Weird.

And the shed is going up, and things are slowly taking shape at home.

I am doing more fitness classes again, Balance and Thump (as a relief) and might be doing some Vive classes next term, too.

I’ve started walking the dog on a far more regular basis, which is good for both of us, and the weather is turning to spring, and my general health and well being, as always, are on the improve!

I love the turn of the season, and am seriously amazed at how much of a difference it makes to my overall mental health.

I seriously need to find a way to do six months of summer in Australia and six months of summer in Canada.

That would be AWESOME 🙂

Any tips on how to afford eternal summer? 🙂


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