Beating a Craving

One of the presenters at WAFIC that left a big impression on me was Cam McDonald. He doesn’t have a website, it would seem. A shame in this day and age, but whatever. Websites don’t always do a person justice.

Cam was a really fun presenter because he made complex proceeses pretty simple – but more importantly – memorable.

Like the ‘Pretty Frickin Chill’ as another way to remember the role of your Pre Frontal Cortex.

And how sugar alone isn’t so bad, but sugar that has been changed into Ninja Death Stars (once sugar has been oxidized) that it is pretty dangerous.

And he was the king of catchy sound bites.

Take this gem:

“Humans have had cravings long before chocolate was around. Your brain is after a pleasure hormone release. You are craving dopamine, not choclate.”

So, the crux of that concept is that if you are aware that your brain is craving *stimulation*, and that there are any number of ways to give it a dose, including:
– a 10 minute walk
– a 2 minute meditative centred breathing exercise
– watching a funny YouTube video
– talking to a friend…

You get the idea.

Doing things that *feel good* to you will illicit the response, until eventually, you will crave a 10 minute walk, not sugar.

The trick is to be aware of what the craving really is, and then creating a preferred, more healthy response.

Hey, there’s the scientific, hormonal basis for beating a craving *and* new habit creation in plain English!

Cool, right?

You are craving dopamine, not chocolate. - Cam McDonald

You are craving dopamine, not chocolate.
– Cam McDonald


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