Been There, Done That

When I do things, I tend to do them with great enthusiasm.

I pour myself into an activity and try to get really good at it and I enjoy it immensely.

I also like to do things with friends, and am more than happy to take up the mantle of their activity, carry the torch, run with it and totally enjoy doing the activity with the other person.

And then, the friend moves, the luster of the new activity fades, or something new and shiny comes up. And then I move on to a new hobby or sport or pursuit.

I’m surprised, when I look back, at the wide variety of activities I’ve been really into.

Here’s a few of the things I was super into. Many of these lasted for years and years, or came and went, but were constants in my life, and some only lasted for a year or a season, but made a real impact on me, and some my body just doesn’t want me to do anymore.

  • Calligraphy
  • Drawing
  • Swimming
  • Horses
  • Running
  • Pump
  • Vive
  • Boxing
  • Dancing
  • Triathlon
  • Cycling
  • Personal Training
  • Karate
  • Rowing
  • Blogging
  • Kayaking
  • Balance
  • Rogaining

Right now I’m seeking my new “fitness thing.”

Normally they seem to follow one another in some odd natural progression, but nothing has really risen up to take the lead.

Body Balance is a steady constant in my life, right now I couldn’t do without it.

But I have been surprised by my lack of excitement around other fitness classes, running, even walking. Of late, my desire to anything like that is just zilch. I thought maybe boxing was going to take back over. It’s a good lot of fun. But I’ve been ho-hum about it lately.

What activities are you right into? What’s making you excited and keen to get out and go and do something!?

Maybe I can take some inspiration from your favourite activities 🙂

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


7 responses to “Been There, Done That

  1. You made me think back over my list of activities and achievements and how they made me feel. It is little wonder i am almost knackered now…

  2. I actually came across your blog while I was ‘researching’ my own next sporting goals. I’m the same, I’m super into whatever I’m doing at the time but actually find the biggest challenging is trying to figure out what that is. For the last ten years it’s been kitesurfing, so maybe you should give that a go.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment! Unfortunately, I think kitesurfing is a little out of my league… not only can I not surf, I also live three hours away from the ocean! 🙂 hehe
      I think the quest continues!
      What have you tried so far?

      • Yes, can see your problem. What about mountain biking or rock climbing?
        A part from kitesurfing, I tried sailing (I was useless), Stand Up Paddling (ok but didn’t knock my socks off), Diving (don’t like sharks) and before that swimming and tennis. Now I’m thinking yoga but looking for something more outdoorsy too.

      • I used to love indoor rock climbing, even have my own harness, but no opportunity here in my little town in the flat wheat belt. Mountain biking is a good one, one I’ve been thinking about, and definitely one I can get friends to join in with. 🙂
        Yoga is lovely. Def a favorite right now!

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