DamBusters 12 Hour Rogaine – or the one where we bonked but didn’t break

Yes, another rogaine came and went.

And E and I went and challenged ourselves and came away 3rd women’s – again.

We set a huge course again, we chased the elusive 2000 points again, and came away disappointed – again.

Well, not too disappointed. We were still third women, and we didn’t BREAK!!!

Yup, no major injuries, just sore stiff tired weary painful muscles, and a few blisters.

Honestly, we came out of it in far better shape than ever, and despite a few hiccups, we did really well. We ARE getting better at this…

Here’s some photos, maps and stuff:

DamBusters Map

We were aiming for all the green dots. 31 controls. We only got about 25 of them…

DamBusters GPS

41.8km… AGAIN! That’s so weird! We did almost the exact same distance back in October

DamBusters GPS Summary

Great average pace! We just had a few too many spots that slowed us down – going over that big fallen timber actually put our speed near to zero!

Some event photos… great crowd!! Beautiful day for it!


This team headed out with us on a similar course, but got separated and lost each other! Oops!! STAY TOGETHER PEOPLE!


Ah, the wonderful Hash House … these people are amazing!


Cool and wet next morning…


But we still had the fire to keep us warm 🙂

DamBusters1 DamBusters2 DamBusters3 DamBusters7 DamBusters9 DamBusters4 DamBusters6

I’ll do another post again soon when I’ve had more time to assemble thoughts on what we did well and some hints and tips we’ve gotten to improve for next time!



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