We Ran Our Own Rogaine!

Wow, I am still reeling from how amazing last weekend was!

For a long time, people have asked E and I about Rogaining. “What is that?” and “You must be crazy!?” and “I could never do that” were pretty common statements. But there was also a lot of  “That sounds really cool.”

Enter the girls from the Healthy Hearts Initiative, who run grant-funded Have-A-Go Days for the local community, who asked E and I if we could teach people how to rogaine.

We immediately jumped on the chance, started making plans and inquiries, and ended up with a pretty amazing result:

  • the guy in charge of training and safety for the West Australian Rogaine Association volunteered to run the training session
  • 22 people participated in the mini-rogaine
  • no one got lost, and everyone had fun!

We were expecting maybe half-a-dozen to a dozen people tops! We were concerned the event would be too long. We were concerned about how far apart we put the controls.

We were all kinds of wrong!

Everyone who came could have gone out longer. Everyone did well, were confident, were excited and happy!

See, I knew rogaining was awesome! And now 22 other people also know it!

E and I also set a course for the first time, with no real idea what we were doing. Luckily, we had a former state-champion, who is a local, lend us a hand. We set a course, and even made hand-made-maps.

Setting the Course

Setting the Course

Our own map and clue sheet

Our own map and clue sheet

People came and did a few hours of ‘class time’ to learn how to use a compass, read a map, and plan a route.

How to use a compass

How to use a compass

Big, attentive crowd

Big, attentive crowd

Practical Practice

Practical Practice

And then headed out for a really mini-rogaine, just two-and-a-half hours.

A team travelling at sunset

A team travelling at sunset

Presentations and Sausage Sizzle

Presentations and Sausage Sizzle

The winning team

The winning team

This was just so much fun! And it seemed really easy, due to the fact that we had an awesome ‘divide-and-conquer’ team effort.

  • The Healthy Hearts girls were amazing with all the administration, and coordinated the food.
  • WARA volunteered their time, materials, and expertise
  • E and I set the course, made the maps, and patrolled the event

And in the end, though there were certainly lessons learned, we were absolutely thrilled with the results!

Sunday morning E and I headed out to collect all the controls and fruit drops. Rogaining is even more fun when you know where all the controls are! 😉

We headed out with no compass, picked up our goodies, and at a pretty leisurely rate, we headed around the course.

Just for fun, we set ourselves the same time limit as we gave the participants, and collected 1040 of a possible 1080 points in the same time-frame. Of course, that was just for fun… afterall, no one else got to do the whole thing in broad daylight with the advantage of knowing where the controls are in advance.

Still, it was fun to be running up the hill to the house to be true to the deadline.

We’re weird like that.

Casual Rogaining.

Casual Rogaining. Complete with an esky full of fruit. Not the usual way 🙂

Like E said, “You know you’re a rogainer when…. a 11km cross country walk with a friend is simply called a ‘Sunday Morning Stroll’.”

And we received a huge compliment from Warren (the WARA Safety and Training Officer), who said that we could have taught it ourselves – no trouble.

Cool, thanks Warren! 🙂

I would totally do this again if there was a call for it. It was a great accomplishment! And I hope it leads to a big contingent of locals showing up at the next Rogaine events.

Well done to the whole team who made this happen, and all the participants, who blew us away with their enthusiasm and positivity!


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