What do you do all day?

So, I haven’t written much about my work since I changed jobs, mostly because I don’t talk a whole lot about my job on here, but also because my job isn’t relating to fitness anymore, so it seems a bit out of place.

But since it is such a big part of my life, I thought I’d share a bit of what I do.

It’s actually been a busy month – and not a terribly typical one really.

Mostly what I do is process paperwork to either apply for or acquit grant money relating to Landcare projects.

‘Landcare’ is one of those catch-all words, like ‘eco’ and can be defined in many ways, but I personally look at it as environmental stewardship and responsible land use. That mostly means putting back the trees we took out to farm the land – which caused erosion, dust storms, rising water tables and massive salinity issues – and protecting what little remnant vegetation we have left.

But it also involves ‘extension’ (as it is known in our little world) where we share and exchange information with other interested people about sustainable living, new farming practices, tree identification, and so on.

Most of that extension work is the best fun of all. Usually extension is an event: a workshop or field trip, though sometimes it’s just using social and print media to get information out there to people.

So, here’s a few images of the fun stuff I get to do for my job.

Don’t think this is every day.

98% of the time I’m actually doing what I’m doing now: sitting behind a computer, cup of tea nearby, typing away, trolling the internet, and trying to get people (especially funding bodies) to care about what we are up to!

But still… when I get to do this stuff, it’s pretty cool.


Learning to identify Eucalyptus tree varieties. There are only about 400 or so… easy peasy! 😛


Fox shoot. It might not be nice to kill things, but foxes and other introduced feral predators are a massive problem in Australia, and need to be managed. Would be nice to go back in time and NOT bring them over… but here we are.


The Irwin River Estuary, a nice little break on our Perennial Pastures Tour


New computer modelling system.


Honestly, this bush (rhagodia) is pretty fascinating.


Kicking the dirt in Dongara, Port Denison, Minginew, Irwin…


Breakfast on the beach on a Perennial Pastures Tour

What do you do all day?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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