Farewell Summer

It seems that summer has come and gone once again.

I never feel like I get enough out of summer here.

In Canada, where summer is precious, we always took full advantage of it, barbecuing and eating outside all the time, bonfires, swimming… not one minute of summer can be wasted, because there is so little of it.

But here in Oz, it seems like you will have summer forever. And summer can be mean, and keep you inside. Tell you what, NOTHING is fun at 40 plus Celsius.

But then, like a flip of a switch, it isn’t summer anymore, and suddenly you realise there was more you wanted to do. Basically, I’d just love for it to be summer all the time. My ultimate dream is to summer in Oz, and summer in Canada.

How awesome would that be? If anyone out there has any ideas how I can pull that off, please let me know! I’m all ears!! 🙂

While many of my friends in the North are looking forward to a long winter ending, and summer finally beginning, I thought I would reflect upon the highlights of this summer.

Although it wasn’t quite summer yet, I did the Run-A-Muck obstacle race early in October (other posts here and here). I twinged my knee at this event, come to think of it. Which probably didn’t set me up well for the Rogaine we did in mid-October, in which I TOTALLY broke myself (other posts here and here).

In November I declared I was going to train for an Olympic Triathlon. And then did a big total of ZERO training for it, and recovered from that knee injury sustained in October.

Mat and I really took advantage of our kayaks this summer, especially in January, before things picked up at work again for Mat, and got out pretty often. We did get away from home lots, enjoyed visiting friends and family, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more. I didn’t blog about these events or days, which is unfortunate. But pretty much just imagine that we were not at work unless we absolutely had to be for the whole of January.

We also got to use our kayaks for work (how cool is my job?) and took a bunch of people out on a tour of the Lake.

In November I got to try two new things: Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Windsurfing. I was at a work conference in Busselton and they organised some activities for us in the evening, including Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It was great. (Again, how cool is my job?)

And E taught me how to windsurf on good old Lake Ewly. I am definitely not a natural at windsurfing. It’s crazy hard! But then I only had one-and-a-half lessons, so there is much to learn!!

Christmas and New Years happened, and I must say, I still find a hot Christmas a bit odd. But the kids sure enjoy going to the beach, water fights, slip’n’slides, cricket and whatever else can be played. And usually lunch is a barbecue, which keeps thinks pretty casual and fun. In the end, though, Christmas is about the people, and not the weather, so it’s good, no matter what 🙂

In early February we did another Rogaine, and I broke myself again. Not as bad as last time, but you know, I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting too old for this …

Because it wasn’t long after that that I turned 30+10.

Work was pretty fun and full on, but I won’t bore you with those details, but it kept me busy! In fact, Mat got to come on a three day work trip with me this week, which was pretty cool. I love that he understands my job a lot better now 🙂

And I got things moving along inside the house. Even if I can’t get the big renos done, at least some stuff is getting started, and that makes me happy.

Now, as we move into winter, the local farmers gear up for seeding, and all the workshops, conferences, and events slow down, I hope I’ll settle into a nice steady winter rhythm and get loads of work done around the house and yard, but don’t imagine I’ll be out on too many more adventures.

What were some highlights of summer for you this year? Or, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, what are you looking forward to most this summer?


2 responses to “Farewell Summer

  1. The summer holidays when I was young were all about friends and the sea: beaches, diving, surfing, picnics and barbies. When I was older it was about family and the sea. Without family and the sea, there is just friends and motorcycles. Even motorcycling is not such fun when the temperature rises too hgh.

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