30+10 and Counting

I’m recovering from a great weekend of celebrating turning 30+10!

I’m not actually 40 for a few more days, but for all intents and purposes, I made that switch over last night, and it wasn’t too bad. Perhaps a bit embarrassingly tame, but hey, I’m old! 😛

Although not everyone could make it to my party, I was delighted to have the company of 28 friends and family for dinner.

wpid-20140322_194502.jpg wpid-20140322_194510.jpg wpid-20140322_194517.jpg wpid-20140322_194528.jpg

It was an amazing meal, and was sufficiently embarrassing when they brought out two cakes – one with 30 candles and another with 10 – and I couldn’t blow out all the candles!!

wpid-20140322_204433_2.jpg wpid-20140322_204416.jpg

In fact, I made that childhood sputtering blow effort on the 10 candles! Very age appropriate, wouldn’t you say? 😉


I was left with one candle burning on the 30 cake, so that one was for Mat 😉


But man, that was A LOT of candles! LOL

I got a few presents, which was nice, but mostly, I just wanted to share the occasion with people who matter to me.

My 30th wasn’t much different, but it was a little more ‘turning-point’ for me. When I turned 30, I had this sense that there was more to life and I was missing out. That I had things I needed to do. I, basically, had a mid-life crisis and threw in the towel on life as it was: I got a tattoo, got my tubes tied and flew to Australia.

And then never looked back.

The last 10 years have been pretty incredible, really.

Started out with a vacation, ended with dear friends and family, and few (if any) regrets.

Some highlights of the last decade:

  • holidaying around Australia
  • landing a great job in Katanning (of all places!)
  • becoming a fitness instructor
  • training in Body Balance
  • buying our home
  • completing the Blackwood Marathon
  • changing jobs
  • travelling to Canada quite a few times
  • watching my beautiful sister get married
  • becoming a personal trainer

And, that’s just the first few things that pop into my mind.

There are a million micro-moments that are so special and awesome to me. My beautiful animals, laughing till I cry with friends and family, moments of perfection on the water, overcoming fears, the humbling steadfastness of Mat’s love…

Yeah, turning 30+10 wasn’t so bad, especially since the last 10 years have been so wonderful.

Here’s hoping the next decade is just as good 🙂

Except when I turn 50, I just want those two big number candles so I don’t have to try to blow out FIFTY candles!!



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