Time keeps Marching on

Get it? Marching? Because suddenly it’s March?


February was a pretty crap month for me.

I set out the month with a few big goals, but failed to accomplish any of them. Instead I found myself quite embarrassed and depressed at the state allowed myself to get into.

The clincher of course, was the Rogaine. When I couldn’t keep up, and I should have been able to excel, and I ended up injured again… well that was an eye opener for me.

Then I did something else.

I weighed myself.

And it was terrifying.

I was up over 76 kilograms. I don’t even want to translate that to Imperial. But for the sake of clarity for my overseas friends, I will do it. It’s 167 pounds!

I don’t know if I ever weighed this much before in my life. But it was certainly heavier than I should have been. Ideally I should weigh around 65 kilograms which means I have 10 kilos, or about 20 pounds to lose.

That’s a freak lot of weight!

So I set myself up a little bargain – something I never thought I’d have to do. As I lose weight I am going to reward myself with something nice.

Yes, I am going to bribe myself to lose weight.

My first goal is to lose 73 kilograms. If I take it off and maintain that for a whole week, I will buy myself something pretty. I’m thinking workout top. Like one of these:

Nice colour, cute print, right?! Totally workout inspiring!

And then for every 3 kilos, the same thing. I think it will take approximately 1 month for 3 kilograms to come off and maintain it.

Anyway, March has been off to a better start.

I have been getting a few things done around the house. Check out the details of my dining-office paint job on rustyredroof.wordpress.com, if you are so inclined.

Work has been very very busy and promises only to get busier. The month of March is packed full full full full!

It also is the month in which I’m supposed to turn 30+10.


My body seems abundantly aware of this impending birthday. My brain however is not so in-sync with it.

Even if I try to convince myself that I am NOT turning 40, I am turning 30 with 10 years of experience, I’m still not so sure I’m down with that 😛

But I’m having a birthday party.

It’s the right thing to do.


Plus, there will be cake.



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