Undeterred , we try again

You will find below, unedited, the transcript from my last walk-and-talk treadmill post effort. I seriously debated if I would present this at all, and tossed up between 1) sending it to the trash 2) editing it for clarity and grammar, before settling for 3) to show it as is, with this little preface. I’m showing it mostly because the difference between this one and my first is really remarkable. This one is actually understandable! Now it would seem my next big challenge is to maintain my train of thought while speaking more slowly and vocally editing on the go.

So,  despite last post failing , I plan to try again.

It might be going better because I might be more patient this time.

This post almost didn’t happen, because I allowed myself to sit down.

When starting a new habit it’s critical to have a trigger. My new habit to walk on the treadmill everyday has a trigger . I get on the treadmill after I get home from work, set down my bags , put anything away that need to be put away, and then get on the treadmill.

Today I got home, set down my bags , put the groceries away and sat down.

I almost talked myself out of going for my walk. Simply because I chose to change or ignore my trigger.

Forming a new habit can be incredibly difficult, because most habits become automatic through repetitious triggering.  and those automatic behaviours don’t take any thoughts. Of course, the opposite is completely true of forming them. It takes a lot of thought.

I’ve been reading about  habits , good lifestyle choices, and other ways to make yourself feel amazing. Motivation will power and all the good things that come with being strong. I read an article yesterday that said why do people feel but they should have the privilege of of wanting to do their habits.  it commented that it was selfish and perhaps childish to assume that we should be so lucky as to want to do whatever needs to get done. They basically said get over yourself and just go do it.

it was no Nike slogan, it wasn’t about feeling good, it was about just doing what you said you would.

and so, I got my ass off the chair , and onto the treadmill, and I have been talking to this machine for over 23 minutes, with not a bad success rate.

I guess it can learn, and so can I.



2 responses to “Undeterred , we try again

  1. Thank you as well! It can just be so hard to know sometimes what is ‘right’ and in the end I have to tell myself that I blog for me, and this is true to my experiences, so …
    Loving your work over at Found this Painted That! Very inspiring! Watch for copy catting in the future! 🙂

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