This post brought to you by my treadmill – almost

Last night I got the bright idea to try the talk-to-text feature on the tablet.

It was less than successful experiment.

Please note the following excerpt from my first attempt:

It looks like it is going to be critical I’m going to try to use the system. And not just my voice clear problem.  I don’t know what to do really infallible I was going to walk on the  create my blog post officially ficiently. So what’s been going on what do I have to report on? Well I haven’t been doing much exercise as I promise.  12 hour upside down Rogaine and I only made 6 hours of it. Prepping I write me very very well right knee it was in fact my left knee gave me grief. When every down treadmill hill Sep step became trouble our chances of making 2000 points was that again. Paragraph so the plan is to walk a a lot . That’s why I’m on the treadmill talking to myself trying to write a blog post doesn’t seem to understand a word I’m saying.

So, um, not so successful. 🙂

I kept at it for a good 40 minutes, but it was mostly gibberish.

I tried changing the language settings from default (Australian English) to Canadian English, to American English. None of it seemed to make a great deal of difference. It seems to me that it was ‘hearing’ the sound of the treadmill and struggling to pick up my voice as a separate sound.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Better than a slow walk on a treadmill desk, this should have allowed me to walk at a reasonably brisk pace while chattering away to the ether, finish a good blog post, and then just have to do some final edits with a keyboard.

But, nay.

Anyway, the point of my blog post was to talk about the last rogaine E and I went on, the Oh-So-Late Upside . It didn’t go so well, but despite that, we still came in third women’s. I won’t say out of how many women’s teams.

*cough* seven *ahem* Including Vets and Ultravets. *hide face*

But that’s okay.

Every time we do this we are getting better. Well, I am getting better, E’s already bloody good at this.

The things we did really well this time:

  • course planning
  • timing
  • food management
  • landscape navigation (except that once, but it happens)
  • right knee injury management
  • blister management

The things that didn’t go so well:

  • water (I should have carried more, given our water drop locations. I didn’t run out, because we pulled out, and E would have had some to share, but it was still poor planning on my part)
  • my left knee gave out at about the 6 hour mark
  • toenail damage and pain
  • fitness levels (my walking speed over pretty easy terrain was well below average)

The toenail damage was quite a surprise. I normally do get bruised toenails. And often lose one (left foot, second toe) but my big toes are usually fine. This time both the big and second toes were badly bruised and the nails lifted, and hurt so badly I couldn’t wear shoes for a week! Thank goodness it’s summer here!

But this post is about my fitness levels, and why I tried to walk-and-talk on my treadmill the other day.

Every day after work (since I’ve been able to wear shoes again) I’ve been on the treadmill for at least a half an hour on a hill program, and I’ve been occupying myself with the tablet. One of the little insights we got from a state champion rogainer was:

Just let your feet walk. Keep your mind busy with navigating, and just let your body move.

So, I figure if I can write a blog post, or research something online while I’m walking at around 5 kilometers per hour, I’m probably doing something towards helping my body ‘just walk’ while my brain does other things. And while 30 minutes isn’t marathonic in nature, at the very least I’m hoping its cumulative effects will show some benefit to my next adventure.

Why, you might wonder, am I not walking outside? Why don’t I take the dog for a walk?

Well, I don’t have any hills around me, and the hills were what really caught me off-guard. I mean, I was blowing like a racehorse halfway up and having to stop to catch my breath. In relatively easy walking conditions.

I was really disappointed with myself, so really want to be sure I do all I can to get through the next rogaines with much more success.

The things I need to work on:

  • fitness levels, especially being able to maintain good speeds up hills
  • knee management for both knees (damn, I hate having old knees!)
  • toe management

I figure I’ve got the first two wrapped up. But I’m actually stumped on the third.

I feel that I keep the nails short, and I know that the second toe likes to hurt me, so I’ll wrap it with a padded gel blister thing-o before heading out next time. But other than that, what can I do?

People often say “get new shoes,” but you know how I searched and search for these shoes, and at the previous rogaine we walked 41.8km with no serious toe damage – I just ruined my right knee (win some, lose some). So, I’m not actually confident my shoes are the problem. Also, considering that it doesn’t matter what shoes I’m wearing, if I’m in them too long, those second toes take a beating…

But maybe I’m being too closed minded about it all. Maybe some of that resistance has to do with the amount of money I spent on them… I’d hate to have to replace them… :/

What do you think I can do to save my poor feetsies from turning purple and festy every time I try to do this? Or do I just live with it?

Also, have you ever used the talk-to-text feature on your phone or tablet? I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note, and it uses Google, other than for the American English, which is downloaded onto the drive. Any hints and tips on getting good results with this system?

Love to know what you know! 🙂


2 responses to “This post brought to you by my treadmill – almost

  1. Try it with a stammer! Early on I tried to use “Dragon Naturally Speaking” which is supposed to be the best, but even after I spent hours training it, it still misinterpreted half of what I said. Some of its efforts were hilariously amusing though. Does yours have a correction facility? If so I think you will find it will gradually improve. But extraneous noises will definitely confuse it. Good luck!

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