Other Resolutions for 2014

The new year always brings about the question, “Did you set any resolutions?”

There are those that make them and those that don’t.

I am one of those who likes to set resolutions/goals/intentions/focuses. Nevermind the success rates and percentages and all the things the nay-sayers and advice givers write. For me, setting a focus for the year is a good way to start the year, or anytime there is a need for a shift. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, if things change, and you have to realign along the way.

Shit happens, am I right?


I already mentioned that I plan to do the 2014 in 2014 challenge already, and I started a Mindful Eating Diet Plan with Lift.do today. It’s just a month-long thing, and I forgot I signed up for it, but it’s a good idea. I do eat way too fast and have lost that ‘stop when I’m full’ thing I developed while on holiday

But I digress. 

I have had a huge number of other ideas floating around in my brain about the coming year.

Here are some of the things that I expect will be taking up my time and attention in 2014:

Meaning, focus, contemplation and values…

Every year I have a ‘theme’ word or slogan. Last year was ‘discipline’ and in other years it was ‘calm’ and ‘criticize less and praise more’ … this year I have been thinking more and more about how distractible I have gotten, how unfocused, and how much time-wasting I have been doing. I have also been thinking about wanting to have a purpose, a passion, making a meaningful contribution to the world. I don’t know what my passion actually is. I don’t know if we all really need one or if some of us are meant to float a bit more, to explore different things, but regardless, I’d like what I do to matter, and I’d like to do things with clear intention and awareness. I want what I do to mean something and I want to consider what impact I might have on others.

I’ve been having trouble picking one word alone, because these words all interconnect for me, but focus has been resonating more than the others lately.

The house renovations

This year a whole lot of my energy is going to be spent on the home renos. I recognise that this will take up a lot of time and will be a major focus for me. This isn’t some little project, it’s going to be massive, and balancing the costs and trying to keep tradies on-task, and making sure that Mat and I don’t end up divorced is going to be tough. With that in mind, I recognise that all other goals and objectives will have to be kept scaled-down to remain realistic over the next year or so.

This is certainly one area where I have mixed feelings: on one hand, I can see the finished product in my mind, I have the means to make things happen, but I also have a lot of doubt when it comes to keeping everyone else on-task. I have failed at this miserably over the last many years of home ownership, and I sometimes often regret buying a fix-er-upper. But I could write a novel on this topic, so feel free to follow me on Rusty Red Roof if you want to read my thoughts on the pains of home ownership.

Don’t ask others to do what I can do for myself

Perhaps one of the reasons that I have so much of the conflict mentioned above is because I have been waiting for someone to help me do stuff that I could do myself. I have let someone talk me out of things that I was confident and sure about until I began to doubt myself. So, I’m just going to do it myself. Dive in. Do it. F!@# it!

Frugal and Sustainable

If I’m going to do home renos and still afford to eat, I need to consider how I’m spending my money. Plus, I want what I do to be more meaningful and be more thoughtful about what I bring into my home, or take out of my home for that matter. I know this can be taken to the nth degree, and I won’t be going all-out-whole-hog, weaving baskets from recycled shoelaces or anything, but I will be making changes along the way. I’ll chat about this over on Rusty Red Roof, too. Basically, if it’s about the house, it’s going to happen over there.

Birthdays and Holidays

I really don’t make enough effort to see friends and family outside of the ‘prescribed’ holidays, like Christmas and Easter. So this year I want to try to be in touch, even if just a little note on facebook or an email, or better yet, a card or a phone call or a visit for birthdays and other holidays. I’d like to have Thanksgiving this October, which isn’t really done here in Oz, but heaps of my family have said they’re keen to do it. Remind me to go buy a turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. They’re on post-Christmas special!

Less time online

I spend ridiculous amounts of time online. Not time spent creating or contributing, but just killing time, being distracted, and allowing this to fill my time rather than doing something productive or focusing on something important. Every time I start to think about something ‘hard’ or ‘serious’ or ask myself those deep and meaningful questions, I flick on a device and hide. I would surely have another 12 hours a week to do brilliant and fun stuff if I wasn’t on my smartphone all the time! And a pile more clarity in my life, too!


I’d like to learn to take better pictures. This might mean getting a better camera. It will definitely mean paying more attention to where I am and what I am doing, and taking more/better pictures to share.


I need to complain less about my partner. I need to support him more. And I think we need to do things that help reinforce the partnership, like date nights (cheesy though they may seem) to reinforce that we are partners, not just people who spend a bunch of time together. In an enlightening conversation had before Christmas, someone said “partner your husband, don’t parent him” and I think that’s damn good advice!

Consistent exercise

Yeah, well, I continue to try 🙂 2014 in 2014 should hopefully help keep me on track, and my awesome new diary is already booked in with workouts to March. I am not happy with a number of aspects of my fitness and diet, so I need to stay on track with it.


For some time I’ve wanted to be a better blogger. Get more followers, have more people read what I’m up to, to figure out my niche and maybe even make some money. And then I realised that that’s just not realistic for now. Sharing as I do now is meant to be fun and cathartic, and certainly not stressful. I’m aiming to keep my blogging recreational, and letting go of my need for it to be bigger, better, more. For this year, at the very least, it won’t likely have room to grow in that way. And that’s okay.

So, yeah, as I said, a WHOLE lot going on in this wee brain of mine.

Now, let’s see how it all pans out!


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