Good Things 2013 – the best of this past year

In 2012 I felt I had taken a bit of a downturn in my attitude. I was not really depressed, but had certainly become a Negative Nelly, a glass-half-empty kind of person. This was not what I wanted to be bringing into my world, and into 2013.

So, in an effort to remember the good things in life, at the end of 2012, I decided to start a Good Things Jar.

I suppose you could look at my Good Things Jar as one way of showing or recording Gratitude, something I think I needed much more of in my life. Let’s face it, I live a very good life, and I think I had become a little too ungrateful about the amazing amount of good that I enjoy and just failed to appreciate what I have been blessed with.

Now, at the end of 2013, before I head off to visit and eat and holiday for a week with friends and family, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the best Good Things about 2013.

Good Things Jar

Good Things 2013

I dumped out my jar onto the table, read and spread out each one.

Good Things Pile

Good Things Pile

Some really made me smile. Some I was clearly grateful for more than once (Fridays, holidays, long weekends), and most were full of people.

Doing fun things with fun people.

There were pretty much 5 recurring themes (with overlaps of course):

  • general goodness
  • exercise, fitness, horses, active stuff
  • house stuff
  • work stuff
  • people

And again, people were pretty much a part of most of those things in one way or another. Another thing that was common was that it was about DOING. There were only a few that didn’t involve doing, making, building, moving, helping, working. Incredibly, cleaning made it into the jar more than once!

I had 82 Good Things slips, some with more than one Good Thing on it, including “Absolutely Everything About our Trip to Canada” which probably could have filled a jar all on its own if I took the time to write each Good Thing from that trip… 🙂 And Mat put in two Good Things of his own, too!

That's a whole lot of Good Things

That’s a whole lot of Good Things!

Here’s a quick photo-bomb of this years best Good Things!

wpid-20131223_114723.jpg wpid-20131223_114733.jpg wpid-20131223_114844.jpg wpid-20131223_114859.jpg wpid-20131223_114934.jpg wpid-20131223_114952.jpg wpid-20131223_115046.jpg wpid-20131223_120606.jpg wpid-20131223_120640.jpg wpid-20131223_120730.jpg wpid-20131223_120747.jpgwpid-20131223_131011.jpg wpid-20131223_131000.jpg wpid-20131223_131037.jpg wpid-20131223_131045.jpg wpid-20131223_131105.jpg wpid-20131223_131139.jpg wpid-20131223_131244.jpg

There were certainly a few really big highlights of the year:

  • resigning from the Leisure Centre
  • going to Canada for holidays
  • starting a new job

And all of those things got mentions in my Good Things Jar, but I think that the really Good Things were in the details, the little everyday things that bring a smile to your face, that make you enjoy the simple moments in everyday life. I think it was because I was overlooking these little things and looking for some big sweeping greatness that had left me feeling empty dissatisfied the year before.

I really enjoyed looking back on the Good Things from this year, and I’d like to continue in 2014, but I wonder, first of all,

  • what to do with the Good Things slips of paper I have from this year, and second,
  • is this the best format for the coming year?

Perhaps a notebook or some other format would be better? A SmashBook-type idea has appeal…

What were some of your best Good Things this year? 🙂


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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