New Toys for Training Motivation

Although I have been out with an injured knee, I still went out and bought me a few toys training tools to help me be better prepared for triathlon training.

I’m actually leaning to a duathlon now, but still waiting to see how the knee heals…

Anywho, first I bought new shoes because my favourite running shoes were actually due to be replaced anyway, and I wore them to their doom in the Run-A-Muck race. (Gosh, doesn’t that seem like an eternity ago?) They have done their duty, and they did not make it out of the mud-pits alive. They look ‘okay’, but they are hard and crusty, even after soaking and rinsing several times.

No, there’s no use trying to prolong their life… it’s better to put them out of their misery…

RIP old shoes.

Old Runners

They served me well.

Welcome shiny new shoes!

Asics Blur33

Asics Blur33, you sexy beasts!

I love that they are not pink.

Seriously, what marketing genius decided to make everything for women PINK!? What are we all, 5?? Dude! Ugh!

But I digress…

I also ordered a new cadence monitor for my bike that will pair with my Garmin watch.

So many of the workouts in the training plan I was going to follow are RPM based, and I had no idea how fast I was spinning. Pretty sure it’s not as fast as the training program wants.

I ‘won’ it on eBay in one of those auctions. Never participated in an auction before, and I was pleased that I got a good deal on it, and I didn’t get screwed, so that’s a bonus! It took awhile for it to arrive, and I had it a whole week before I got it installed.

It wasn’t that hard to install or configure, though I did need a screwdriver, scissors, and the internet to make it all happen.

There were only a few bits in the box, and one page of instructions. It was pretty simple, and I did it without understanding any of the technical parts.

Here’s how the instructions read to me:

GSC 10 Package Contents

Package Contents

Step One: First you put the receiver/transmitter do-hickey on the bike on the bar near the back wheel.

Step One

Step One

Step Two: Then you attach this little magnet on your pedal-crank-thingy, making sure the little line matches up with the little line on the do-hickey.

Step Two

Step Two

Step Three: Then you screw the little silver magnet onto a spoke and line its little line up with the other little line on the pokey-out bit of the do-hickey.

Step Three

Step Three

Step Four: Spin the pedal and wheel a few times and check that the little lights on the do-hickey blink. When they do, you’re golden, so tighten everything up.

Step Five: Go on the internet and get instructions on how to pair your watch to your cadence thing after you spent five minutes trying to figure it out on your own with no luck.

Step Five

Step Five

Step Six: Put away all your tools – after you’ve had a test-spin and discover that going over 75RPM is hard bloody work! 🙂

Step Six

Step Six

And thusly, I have new toys to play with training tools to maximize training and performance.

I think I might have a spin tonight!

Do you find new toys are a good way to get you motivated? Are you an eBay shopper? (I’m only just getting into it.) And what is the deal with PINK everything?


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