Christmas Preparations

There is less than a month to go till Christmas is upon us.

You knew it was coming back in September, when all the autumn leaves pictures and themes started popping up on Pinterest and blogs alike.

Then there was the all the pumpkin recipes and Hallowee’en and Canadian Thanksgiving in October, followed by November American Thanksgiving themed posts.

And already a trickle of Christmas is coming in. Decorations, mostly, but some planning and preparedness posts are coming along too. Come Monday, I expect to be inundated with all things red and glittery and Santa and festive.

And, with a month to go, and my previous ‘problems with Christmas’ (see here and here) I thought I would share how I’m getting ready for Christmas this year:

I’m not.

Now, I’m not being Grinchy this year. Not at all, for once.

Every year I get so annoyed by the hype, the wintry Christmas carols that seem so out of place in Australia, and trying to shop for presents, that I work myself into a tizzy over it all.

Every year, I dread and loathe the lead-up to Christmas, and every year, I enjoy myself despite myself.

I enjoy the time off work, the visiting with friends and family, the good food, the time to be together, and being a little more disconnected from the digital realm.

This year, after some discussion and speculation and second guessing (I think there was a bit of guilt going around) the family decided not to buy presents. Get some for the kids if you want, but don’t worry about the grown ups.

After all, we’re all capable, employed grown ups who have all the goodies we need in our lives (and some of us have too much and are trying to get rid of the excess!) Finding a practical, useful gift isn’t impossible, but is it necessary when we are all capable of buying what we want, when we want?

So this year I am going to ignore the hype and go with my gut.

I might get around to Christmas cards this year. I’m not going to stress if I don’t.

When the urge takes me, I will decorate. I know Mat wants a natural tree, but I’d rather a creative non-tree tree! Much more fun, and far more practical…

Christmas tree

Cool, right!?

Or, if we don’t want to do something like that, we could get a potted plant living Christmas tree… Yes, now there’s an excellent option!

Bamboo Grow-Pot: Christmas Tree

Actually, can Norfolk Island Pines grow in pots? They are the coolest pine trees ever! They are so uniquely symmetrical and perfect. Check out this lovely image of one here.

And actually, in a show of non-typical non-Grinchyness on my behalf, I have actually started a Holiday Pin Board.

It’s true.

I don’t hate the holidays.

I just don’t like being force-fed consumerism in the gilded guise of happiness and joy.

I’ll just take the happiness and joy, thanks 🙂

Awesome Chalkboard look technique for cards!! Tidings of Comfort and Joy nestofposies

(All images used here can be found on my Pinterest Holiday board.)


4 responses to “Christmas Preparations

    • It’s fun, isn’t it?
      I’m loving non-tree trees, especially since Mat and I can’t agree on a tree. I figure fake is best. Then you don’t kill anything. He says real is best, then you get the lovely smell.
      This is going so far from a tree that it doesn’t matter hehe 🙂 I think I’ll set it up this weekend!

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