A Sick Girls Best Friend

I stayed home from work on Friday, and had an awesome rest-day.

Is it just me, or is it weird to say that?

In my previous role, I rarely took sick days. I took as much medicine as I could hope to survive on, plugged away at work, and only really took the day off when I was so completely exhausted I had no choice, or was told I needed to go home because I was actually making things worse. I usually slept like death was coming for me, but if I couldn’t sleep, I’d be horribly bored and do a whole lot of complaining about how dumb sick days are.

This new job is much more flexible than the old one, and I took the day off before I was utterly crushed.

I had a terribly painful throat, and was losing my voice, was easily winded with only the lightest of efforts (walking down the hallway, for example) and this weird cough that felt like it should bring up phlegm and nastiness. Instead, I just sort of hacked uselessly, moving nothing. I was slightly congested, and headachey. Not dying, but uncomfortable.


I had recently seen friends and co-workers around me suffering with this cold/infection or some variation of it, and saw both how bad it could get if it was left ignored, and also how quickly it went away when the body was offered sufficient rest.

Despite feeling slightly unsettled about the idea of taking a sick day while not on my death bed, I decided it was the best thing to do: Rest, heal, nip it in the bud.

So, I stayed home.

I laid on the couch and didn’t do anything until 2:30 when I finally felt much better than I had all day. All that rest really *was* good for me!

And while I did sleep a lot, I didn’t sleep the whole day away. When I was awake, when I would normally be bored and I’d start doing stuff like cleaning and laundry (hello, that’s the opposite of resting!) instead, I just distracted myself with my phone.

Oh, smartphone, you are so awesome to a sick person!


  • I read the last of my book. Great story! Love Robin Hobb!
  • I checked in with people on facebook.
  • I pinned.
  • I sent text messages to interrupt my friends who were otherwise trying to have productive days. (I wasn’t a complete pain in the ass, I promise… just a few notes to say hi to people I haven’t talked to in too long).
  • I shuffled and reshuffled the apps on my phone
  • I played with new apps I haven’t explored before
  • Played Candy Crush and gave that up. Way too frustrating.
  • Made a few plans for my 30+10 birthday party and put the notes down in Evernote

I did it all with one little handy tool. And I never had to get up, never had anything heavy to lift or carry, I wasn’t tangled in any cords, and I was never bored.

I didn’t do laundry, dishes, sweep the floors, or vacuum, and I felt really rested.

Although it seems a bit strange to talk about having a ‘good sick day’, that’s precisely what I had. I slept when I needed to and rested until I really felt ready to move. I hope this also proves the point about taking care of yourself, and I find I am mended by Monday. (Is that too much to ask?)

How do you handle sick days? What makes those days bearable for you?


2 responses to “A Sick Girls Best Friend

  1. I, like you, never really took sick days unless I was seriously on my death bed. Maybe 1-2 personal mental health days and a day here and there for our brat of he was sick.
    I have just really come to terms with the concept of sick days and how important they truly are! We are not allocated them to go to work and suffer/infect everyone else.. So we shouldn’t feel guilty about using them.
    Now, if only I would get sick enough to warrant a sick day that would be great lol.
    I hope u feel better really quick!

    • Lol, you alway make me laugh, Jenny!
      I hope you *don’t* get sick enough to need a sick day, but if you do, I hope the time off is restorative šŸ™‚
      Fingers crossed I will be better soon. Despite me saying it was a nice day off, I’d much rather be healthy and working and feeling fit & healthy. šŸ™‚

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