I’m Back! What’d I Miss?

Yay! My laptop seems to be happily humming away happily, with no intervention what-so-ever. It’s a total mystery, but nevermind! Here she is!

And here I am!

So, a few updates:

  • I am home sick today, and now that I have regained consciousness (I was alternately napping and daydreaming all day until 2:30, when I finally got inspired to rejoin the living) so am finally catching up on a little blogging.
  • My knee still hurts, but it’s WAY better. I went to Vive Tuesday night, and though taped and I tried to take it easy, by the end of class I couldn’t kneel on it. It was so sore, I was afraid I had killed it, but woke up with no serious swelling or lasting pain. Running is next! (When I’m not sick, of course!)
  • My horses are making me crazy – they have gotten out three times in one week! Chasing horses around the streets, bush and my neighbours property is not my idea of a good time! I have tightened up all the fences around the place, and doubly-secured the gates with not just the existing latches, but tied and knotted ropes as well. An electric fence is in the cards.
  • I received my Garmin cadence monitor for my bike. Have taken it out of the packaging but have not installed it yet. Eventually it should look like this:https://i0.wp.com/www.pocketgpsworld.com/reviews/garmin-edge-305/garmin-cadence-sensor.jpg and tell me how fast I am pedalling.
  • The vet is going to retire off of me and my animals. MD is on a daily dose of something that is keeping him comfortable from his arthritic pain and various aggravations of being 108 years old. It’s a wonder he is still such a good natured animal. The cat went in this week due to an abscess around the eye. Not pretty. But should be healed up quickly. Not like last time, when we didn’t realise what the heck was going on and he ended up looking like Frankenstein:
  • Scratch Franken-kitty

    Scratch Franken-kitty

    Don’t worry, we’ll only make that mistake once.

  • Tried two new awesome things in the last couple of weekends. Will tell you more about those in a real post very soon! 🙂

And, yeah, I think that’s about it. Talk soon! 🙂


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