What Would You Do?

Knee Strapping

Iew, I have fat knees!

So, you remember when I did that Rogaine back in October and I mentioned that I hurt my knee, and then I announced that I was going to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon in March, even though I knew I had a sore knee, and I said “I’m sure it will be fine”?

Well… Maybe not. 

In 4-6 weeks, maybe.

And that’s just plain discouraging.

After my two little runs and one cycle last week, it was apparent things were still going wrong. I started walking instead, and things were still going wrong: pain behind the knee and little hits of ‘ouch’ on the inside of the kneecap.

A physio appointment on Monday resulted in bigger strapping and more exercises, and the suggestion that I probably won’t be able to run for 4-6 weeks, and cycling is bad bad bad. Swimming would undoubtedly be worse. I didn’t even ask about that…

Walking is allowed, I just need to take it easy and not let the leg fatigue. Adduction exercises, using a theraband, and light light leg extensions and leg press with the knee turned out are okay. Externally rotated straight leg lifts are fine. Loads of squats and lunges are not okay, and could set me back. Of course, all those exercises are a big step up from the one fine-motor-control exercise and foam rolling (which I still need to do) which were the only allowed exercises two weeks ago.

My ‘real’ triathlon training is meant to start on Monday 2nd December, and that’s only 3 weeks away. I know I won’t be up to the distances and times that the program demands. I was using this time to build up to it, so I just don’t think it’s going to happen. :/

I need to take care of my leg, do my exercises and get strong so that whatever I decide to do I can do it, that’s a given, but what about training? My options seem to be:

  1. Train for a Sprint distance instead: it won’t take as long to get there, and I can start when my knee is healed
  2. Drop the triathlon training for the time being and focus on my horse and kayaking instead, which are not likely to bugger the knee up worse
  3. Just stop complaining and enjoy going for walks

Maybe there’s something out there I haven’t tried yet?

What would you do?


6 responses to “What Would You Do?

  1. I somehow “injured” my knee earlier this year. I think it got weak from sitting in front of a computer too much. Over the summer I went hiking and played disc golf. On one more difficult hike I really strained the knee. Then went to play disc golf a week later and wow was I in trouble. Most likely I am not the best to give advice since I don’t take it. 🙂 But for now I am resting my knee and taking it easy. I am slowly getting back into my workouts because I don’t want to really mess up my knee and need surgery. 🙂 I hope you heal and feel better soon!

    • Bernice, I think I am in the same boat. I did the “it’ll be fine” thing, because it really doesn’t hurt most of the time. Only when I do too much. Of course, by the time it hurts, it means I’ve done more damage…
      I think I’m leaning towards rest and strengthening exercises, and will start with what I can so I can be sure to keep doing it for the long run!

  2. Well I’d I had to be honest, I would likely train for the full distance. The first year I ran, I had excruciating knee pain, and I’m still not sure why… But it has subsided since then. That being said, I’m not entirely sure that my advice is viable, because I went against the grain and lucked out that it didn’t turn into a nagging knee injury. Just go with your gut! If you find it’s getting worse, then cut back or rest for a while. My biggest fear is getting an injury and never being able to run again!

    • Thanks Tina. I think the most annoying bit is that it doesn’t hurt most of the time and then it’ll catch me by surprise, so I’m just not sure how I am healing or what I can do… but I was also thinking a sprint would be fun. 🙂 can’t be out of commission for much longer! I am slowly going crazy!

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