On Starting Triathlon Training

I’ve started my triathlon training, but at this point, the work I am doing is nothing to write home about: a 10 minute run, 30 minute spin, a 15 minute run today… Later, (much later) it will start to get really interesting, with some killer workouts. Ones that made me just a little bit nervous to write down and commit to.


I thought I would share a few thoughts about how I ended up thinking ‘yeah, this seems like a good idea’ πŸ™‚

After thinking about the Blackwood Marathon, and realising that I pretty much haven’t done anything ‘that impressive’ for three years, so I decided I needed to do something challenging!

‘Olympic Distance Triathlon’ was at the very top of my Bucket List. That’s why I picked it, and not one of the many other events or challenges I could have done instead.

I also am carrying about an extra 10kg/20lbs more that I want to, and, more importantly, 8cm/3.5inches more around my belly than I want. Truth is, I’m not happy with my body right now. I am exercising less than I need to be, and eating more than I should, and the result is not me being healthy, fit and happy.

So, I started working on a training plan, which first meant lots of searching online for advice and sample plans. I found one that I thought was suitable, after scanning the first few weeks, and set to doing some modifications and planning my workout schedule… until I got to week 4 and suddenly it suggested a 190 minute bike with a 35 minute run brick.

Uh, no.

Upon closer inspection, this was a plan for people who have been doing the distance for a few years and want to improve.

Yeah, not me!

I have since done more searching for a beginner program and feel much more comfortable with, though nearing the end, there were a few big workouts. I know that the program builds me up to it, and it makes sense, but to look at how long and how far I am going to have to go… there will certainly be times when I am tested!

I suppose that’s the point, right πŸ™‚

New shiny purchases can also be motivating, so I am also going to have to do a bit of budgeting, for new shoes, pool entry, and a few extra fitness classes, a cadence monitor for my bike, and apparently for physio, too.

My knee is injured. It came up sore and swollen after the rogaine, and it hasn’t come 100% right. I have been to the physio once, and have some exercises to do, and have started foam rolling (ouch dude, that freakin’ HURTS) and I am pretty sure she’ll be miffed with me when I tell her that I have run and cycled on the sore knee.

My outer quad muscles are too strong and have pulled my knee cap across and it’s rubbing on my joint, causing swelling and pain.

That’s bad, right?

I am sure it’ll be fine.

Ever trained with an injury? Any thoughts or advice? Done an Olympic Tri? Any great tips!? πŸ™‚

7 responses to “On Starting Triathlon Training

  1. Can we train together virtually? I’m planning to compete in my first sprint Tri in May and I could use some virtual accountability πŸ™‚

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