Lake Ewlyamartup Kayak Tour

Today I get to use two words in my blog that I have never used before:

  1. Flotilla
  2. Regatta

Now, I’m not entirely sure how I am going to integrate them, or exactly the best context in which to use them, however, if I understand them correctly, both words mean ‘a whole lot of boats going in the same direction’.

Am I right?

So, E organised a Kayak Tour of Lake Ewlyamartup for this weekend, and there was such a HUGE response! We had 14 people rock up and would have had heaps more people if only they had kayaks! In hindsight, we could have probably found a few spares from people not coming and paired them up.

It was windy, and one of the lovely ladies who came was in her 70s and had never kayaked before. I gave her a quick tutorial – how to get in, how to paddle, how to turn, and then we were off. After about 500 meters, especially paddling into that wind, she petered out a bit so I towed her along to our first stop. That’s where she turned around with her friend and returned to the shore.

But I have to say how impressed I was with her! She gave it a good go, where most people of her age would just never have bothered trying.

May I never get too old to try something new!

Along the way, we stopped and E gave people a bit of information about the history of the lake, what’s happening with the upgrades, and answered people’s questions. It was really interesting!

Here’s a few photos of the regatta on the day! Aren’t we an impressive flotilla?

Words used. Poorly. But used.

Crazy weather coming in

Crazy weather coming in

At the dam

At the dam

Love the colours!

Love the colours!

These guys were having more fun than anyone else!

These guys were having more fun than anyone else! They had a picnic lunch and played silly games! Great to see!

Sandy - the Salty Dog!

Sandy – the Salty Dog!

Looking forward to seeing more people out enjoying ‘Our Lake’ this summer!!

(This was also posted on 100ks From Here)


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