October Calendar, and something BIGGER

At the beginning of October I boldly announced that I was going to do this October exercise calendar challenge – and that I would not miss a day!!

So, now that it’s the END of October… how did I do?

October Exercise Calendar

Not so many gold stars as I would have hoped for.

Hmmm… I think 50% is generous.

Not so much a passing grade as a ‘really dear, all you had to do was try just a little harder’ kind of moment.

So it gives me great pause to even suggest out LOUD that I am going to train for an Olympic distance triathlon this summer.

I’ll do it on March 2nd 2014, to be exact.

Given my recent record, you have every reason to doubt me. But hey, I’m going to give it a shot, cuz that’s how I roll…

Yeah, so not a small goal. 1.5km swim (and the one I am doing is open water), 40km bike ride (in freakishly hilly country), and a 10km run (hey! I like running! 🙂 )

So, now I get to start the fun process of developing my training program.

I’ve been searching online and feel a 2-2-2 program is best for me (2 sessions of each discipline per week) with a focus on the bike to run transition.

I have 19 weeks between now and then, but will take the whole week of Christmas off. Other than that, things are still in the fuzzy stages, so time to nail it all down!

Guys, I’ll be needing your support lots and lots! 🙂 Hope I can count on you! 🙂


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