Just Like a Marathon, Only Harder

Okay, truthfully, I can’t say that with any authority what-so-ever.

Not only have I not run a full marathon, I haven’t even done a half…

But this weekend’s Irish Setters Rogaine was a big kick in the pants physically and I reckon it’s right up there.

E and I walked 41.8km (don’t begrudge me the 400 meters, a marathon isn’t an exact science) in 11 hours 24 minutes. Actually, closer to 8 hours. We stopped quite a few times. There’s the stop at each control, and frequent stops for blister management and wardrobe changes.

The weekend’s Rogaine was a 12 hour – 10am to 10pm – and it was in thick, mean, grabby, hungry bush. With steep hills.

Here’s a few stats from the weekend:


Summary from our Irish Setters Rogaine

Irish Setters Map

Irish Setters Map

Timing is everything

That’s really quite quick for a Rogaine. That max speed is me trying to keep up with Ella!

That’s pretty much a marathon in about double the average run time. Gets me thinking…

Heart Rate

Training Effect is only 4.1 (Greatly Improving) rather than 5 (you’re going to kill yourself) like it was after the last one.

This was a big effort, and I hurt myself in the process. I really think this has to do with specificity of training. Of which I have done none. Tromping through the bush is a whole different kettle of fish from walking or running on flat clear ground. An even there, I haven’t pushed myself to these sorts of distances.

This event did get me thinking, if I can walk a marathon, can I run one? If I suffer blisters when I walk, would they be twice as bad when I run? Is it possible that my feet would become tougher and there would be fewer blisters? Or would I just get used to having icky painful feet? Would being able to run those sorts of distances make being able to walk these sorts of distances easier?

Seems logical.

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering, I did not do any of the October calendar exercises over the weekend, nor do I have any intention of doing them. 😉

The Aftermath

It doesn’t matter how cold, wet, sore or tired you are. When the camera is out, so is the smile! 🙂


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