Rogaine Ready!

E and I are heading up to Toodjay this weekend for a 12 hour Rogaine. (Mat was coming, but he decided to stay home and work instead. BORING! ;))

We intend to walk the whole 12 hours and get 2000 points….

So guess who’s making a big mess in the house to get ready!?

Yes, me, that’s who! 🙂

I did two posts about prepping for a Rogaine on 100ks From Here, the first about the gear you need, and the second about how to break 2000 points in a 24 hour rogaine, which is a slightly different kettle of fish to a 12. (These were updated from posts previously done here on Chasing the Blackwood Marathon, so you may have read them already.)

Here’s my gear pile so far. Excluding bedding, clothes, and food; all of which I expect to squeeze into these carrying cases.

Rogaining Gear

Rogaining Gear.

So I guess I’ll see you next week, with plenty of pictures and stories to tell! 🙂


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