A Few Updates – My Week, The House, The Dishes, and Thanksgiving

This is probably the busiest week I’ve had since coming back from Canada and starting my new job.

On top of regular work, I taught Balance Monday and Wednesday, had a work meeting Tuesday night, drove to Kulin and back on Thursday to learn about flora collection, and participated in a Night Stalk on Friday night.

"Poss" - An Australian Brush Tail Possum

Meet Poss, who is a juvenile Brush Tail Possum being cared for until he’s big enough to be released into the wild

How cool is my new job?

We ran off to Bunbury for the weekend, where we enjoyed an impromptu Canadian Thanksgiving celebration with family.

Why impromptu?

Well, because they don’t have Thanksgiving here in Australia, so it wasn’t until my family and friends in Canada started talking about turkey and pumpkin pie that we realised we had almost missed it!

It was really nice to sit around and give thanks. It was my little cousins (cousins once removed?) first time to do the Thanksgiving thing. They did really well!

Resting after Thanksgiving

The need to rest after Thanksgiving dinner is clearly universal 🙂

I have to admit though, after my impassioned declaration of NOT MISSING a day of exercise, I missed both Saturday and Sunday.


But the best thing to do after falling of the wagon is to get straight back on as soon as possible, so back to business straight away!

This week we also met with the builder and we are finally taking steps forward with our home renovations!! I decided to create a new blog, Rusty Red Roof, to chronicle the renovation process so I don’t clog this one up with my ramblings about wood and toilets and such. However, I’d be delighted to have you follow me there as well, if you feel like it.

Another thing I wanted to update you on is my Great Dish Experiment. In April this year, I put away ALL the dishes in my home, except for one of each plate, bowl, spoon, knife, fork, mug. I was really delighted with this change.

But earlier this month we had company, and had to pull out a few extra dishes. I am embarrassed, looking back, at how resistant I was to bring out the extra cups, plates and cutlery, but once they were out, I decided to see how we would go about being on top of the dishes, once there were more of them.

Well, we are using them all, but thanks to some of my great new habits, one of which is actually doing the dishes every single day, and these extra dishes aren’t causing me any extra grief, so they are staying out. However, I am fully prepared to put them away again if I ever get behind with the dishes again.

How was your weekend?! 🙂


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