Workout I Did – October Calendar

Well, this workout isn’t actually one I’ve done – it’s one I’m doing.

I’m addicted to Pinterest (I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two) and pinned about a million monthly workout calendars. I started one once, but never finished it. With my new morning exercise habit, I thought it would be fun to try a calendar again, so there’s a prescribed workout routine for each day. Far less planning and thinking for me, and therefore far fewer opportunities to make and excuse to miss out a workout.

So far, I have done every day of the October “No Excuses, No But’s, No Quitting” calendar from Of course, it’s only the 9th.

22 days to go.

October Calendar

October Workout Calendar from:”Perfection

Now, doing the exercises in this calendar alone would not be enough to ‘get you in shape’ and I’m not the biggest fan of sit ups as a ‘good for you’ kind of exercise. But the workouts only take 5 minutes or so to complete, and yet I am surprised by how challenging it is becoming!

In the first week I did 2 or three workouts together to make one bigger workout on a single day – I really enjoyed sandwiching the run on the 7th with the exercises from the 6th before it, and the 8th after it. But now, after actually looking all the way to the end and realising that there will be:

  • 100 sit ups,
  • 100 crunches (I’m sure that 10 is a typo),
  • 50 pushups,
  • 100 star jumps,
  • 10 minutes of jump rope, and
  • 150 seconds of plank…

… none of which are impossible, but I don’t want to do two sets of those back-to-back if you catch my drift! So I’ll be doing them every day, and not missing, and will supplement these workouts with something else to create a more well-rounded workout routine.

This morning I chased my horse around the round yard (that almost sounds mean, and I’m sure he thought it was (poor fat lazy pony), but it was good exercise for us both). Yesterday I went for a quick run, and tomorrow I won’t do anything because I have to be on the road at 7am, so won’t be able to do much more than this 5 minute workout. But it’s better than doing nothing, am I right? 🙂

It’s nice to be able to put a big X across the days I’ve worked out.

I am such a CHECK MARK GOLD STAR kinda girl!!

My Mom and sister are also doing this workout calendar with me, which is really nice. Even though we’re a million miles away from each other, we’re doing something together.

See, exercises is about more than just getting fit – it brings people together! 🙂

Have you tried any of these monthly calendars before? Do you like to do the same workout every day until you get bored, or do you prefer a little variety? How far ahead do you plan your workouts? Are you addicted to Pinterest too? 😛 Do you love check marks and gold stars too!?


5 responses to “Workout I Did – October Calendar

  1. I love Pinterest!! But I think I love check marks more That looks like an awesome workout. What’s your pinterest handle and will follow you 🙂

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