Workout I Did – Full Body Tabata

I mentioned that I have been getting up early and working out in the mornings.

Well, not *every* morning, but most of them.

I’ve also become ridiculously addicted to pinning cool workouts. But a workout’s no good if only written down. So, while on holidays (I think my whole life from now on will be divided into “before holidays”, “on holidays”, and “after holidays”) I started doing a few of these workouts, just to see what they were like, and for a bit of variety and fun.

I have been sticking primarily to the body weight sessions, because I don’t have a lot of equipment at home, and because I firmly believe that equipment is a bonus, but you can get a seriously good full body workout with a few core moves:

  • squats
  • lunges
  • pushups
  • tricep pushups or dips
  • crunches
  • planks
  • various cardio moves: star jumps, burpees, box jumps, skipping, high knees, etc

Variations of these moves make them easier or harder, and it’s surprising what playing with reps and time can do to incrase or decrease the challenge.

My current love is Tabatas.

20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest for 8 cycles. I like to do 2 exercises in tandem, so exercise 1 for 20 seconds, exercise 2 for 20 seconds, repeat.

Makes sense right?

I’ve seen these done most often with two sets of Tabatas, then a long-slow core or leg or walk or run in the middle, and then some more.

But not this bad boy:

Full Body Tabata

Pinned without referring website link. Originally from but I couldn’t find the original post.

So, I did this workout in the following order: Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, and I did exercises 1 and 2 as a first Tabata, and exercises 3 and 4 as the second of each set. Therefore this was a 32 minute workout.

I would not have survived a 64 minute workout with these exercises in them! Of course, the instructions are different, they suggest doing a 20 minute workout separately for each body group, but I wanted a full body workout in one hit.

And hit me it did!

I was sore for DAYS!

Now some of the exercises I made up, because I couldn’t find the original post with the instructions for this one, but that’s alright, I did okay. I think a visit over to is in order to check out what other workouts she has in store…

I struggled like mad to do the full two rounds of V-Sits in the core section and ended up doing some crunch variations to get through, and I interpreted the Down Dog pushups to mean going from a Down Dog (arms extended, pressing into palms) to a Dolphin (exact same body position, but lowering elbows to the floor).

Yeah, nah.

Impossible to do 20 seconds of that! Did tricep pushups instead.

Anyway, it was a good workout, got me pumped and puffed in just 32 minutes. Will definitely be doing that one again! 🙂 Why don’t you give it a go and tell me what you thought of it!?

Have you done Tabatas? Like them? Hate them? How often do you change up your workouts? Are you a fan of body weight or prefer to hit the gym?


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