Home Again, Home Again

Well, we made it back to Australia. We arrived at 6amish on Sunday.

We literally time travelled – we completely skipped Saturday.

Boom!!! Saturday does not exist! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and jump right into the future!!

Does anyone else find crossing the International Date Line just a little bit crazy!?

No? Just me…?

I had a few days of disconnect – firstly because the phone company cut off all our phone services, so when we returned, I had to fight with Telstra (oh how I curse you) to turn my phone back on.

“Did you inform us that you would be leaving the country?”

“Of course, you dick, how do you think I got the International Roaming Package put on my phone!?”

Had to really focus on using my ‘professional and reasonable’ voice. Failed more than once. But I didn’t actually swear at the guy or call him names. Not bad for someone who is completely jet-lagged, and completely pissed about a $700 phone bill and cut off services, right?

We ate, slept and recovered a bit, and headed out to Margaret River the next day to see Mat’s Pop (Grandfather) who is in hospital following a fall. He’ll be fine, he’s a tough old bugger. 🙂 An 18 inch steel rod in his femur and a bolt as long as my finger to hold the joint together won’t slow him down!

We had to visit the beach, of course.


Such a different world from Canada. It’s been raining a lot here, and has been really cold, so we’re happy to say we’ve missed the worst of winter.

We spent another night at Mum and Dads and then, magically, on Tuesday morning, I was ready to come home.

Just like that.

Holiday Over.

I’m excited now.

In fact, I’m anxious (in that good “I can’t wait” way) to get home. To see my animals, to start my job, to do the washing (I know, weird right?) and just to get started on this list that has been building up in my brain.

Prior to that, I was aware that I had to come home and knew that I had things to do, but when people asked, “Are you excited about your new job?” my answer was always, “Not yet, I’m still in holiday mode.”


We drove home in some crazy rain (not nearly so crazy as the rain storm between Moose Jaw and Parkbeg, or the one that slowed down traffic in Red Deer, but still, it was a gooder!!) and found ourselves home to a pile of mail (wow, that’s a lot of bills) and dove into it with surprising gusto.


Laundry, groceries, bills paid and off to T&Es for supper and to pick up the dogs. By 7:30 we were wearing out (we’re not quite back on this time-zone yet) so brought the dogs home (they were crazy excited!!) and crashed.

Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow I start my new job.

For today, there’s a few things to do, catch ups, planning, and getting into the routine of being a responsible grown up again 🙂 So many things I want to do, I just hope to keep up the momentum and not get lost in the minutia of daily life.

I have plenty of blog posts rattling around in my head, heaps of stories to tell, so I hope to settle into a bit of a routine with two solid blog posts a week.

So, just out of curiosity, when you holiday, do you find it hard to come home or do you switch back pretty easily?

2 responses to “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Welcome home! I do usually find it hard to transition from the freedom of a vacation to the structure of routine life and work, but somehow this time feels more like coming home than I have felt for a long time.

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