Saying Goodbye to Canada

Our time in Canada is almost over. It’s amazing how fast six weeks can pass.


One of out primary objectives for this trip as to make sure to spend enough time with family (especially my mom) so I didn’t go home with the regret of spending more time travelling and not enough time visiting. After all, I can only get here so often.

So, we did just that: lots and lots of visiting.

Yes, there were trips and touring, but they were bonus events, not the main event.

We saw family and old friends and made new friends this trip. We had a brilliant time. A great balance of fun, visits, and adventures.

I think we really hit the limit of our travel; though I don’t mind driving and touring, there were a couple points when I really just needed to stop, get out of the car, and just NOT DRIVE anymore.

I hit that point most memorably on our way to my uncle’s in BC. We had been holidaying for a few days but then put in one MASSIVE day of driving and I was shattered at the end of it.

I had various people say to me: “but why bother driving to those people anyway? You flew around the world, surely they can drive a few hours to see you!”

And a few people did, and I was grateful for that, because I can’t see everyone. I can’t get everywhere, but there are some people that I know can’t travel to me, and some that I wouldn’t miss, even if it meant driving for days.

You know the ones: the family members who are better than family, they’re also friends. And friends who are closer than just friends, they’re part of your family.

I loved reconnecting with all the people I haven’t seen in two to four years. On most occasions we didn’t notice the passage of time, and more often than you’d think, I experienced one of those beautiful moments where the visit was as natural as if we had just seen each other yesterday.

Love love love those moments!!

And better yet, making new friends who already feel like old friends. How rare and special is that, especially as an adult?


So, clearly, it’s going to be the people here in Canada that I will miss more than anything. I just wish there had been more time.

But I will also miss the wonderful freedom that comes with taking that break, enjoying a time-out from reality and taking a step back from the minutiae of daily life. This time is also about filling the cup back up, about finding some creative juices, and recharging the batteries.

There’s no question that I was running on empty before we left. In fact, I didn’t even feel rested completely for about three weeks into this trip!

I’ll miss having the time to myself most days to choose what I want to do. Exercise, eat out, visit, go shopping, watch an endless stream of home renovation shows…

Do NOT give me access to HGTV once I go back to work or I will not get anything done EVER!!

True story.

This is also a great time for Mat and I to reconnect and reset our goals for the future. Especially with me heading into a new job, it feels like heading home offers us a new opportunity to really take charge of our time in new ways. We have been working on renovation plans, budgets, time management and meal planning, too. It’s nice to be meeting on the same page (even if it’s a struggle to get there sometimes šŸ˜‰ )

So, I have around 24 hours left in Canada, and then we’re off, so don’t expect any contact for awhile, while we time-travel, recover from the jet-lag and reconnect with real life.

I’ll see you on the flip-side with new posts and more memories of this wonderful trip!


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