I’ve been everywhere, man!

Honey! I’m HOME!

Over the past week, Mat and I have travelled all over what my Mom has affectionately referred to as “Hell’s Half Acre.”

Basically, we drove for 5 days straight.

Map with Elevation

That is a serious map!

We left Edmonton on Monday, and drove to “The Crossing” and did a few little walks north on the Icefields Parkway.

The next day, we went south and spend the day doing longer walks, stopping at Lake Louise for the afternoon and headed back to The Crossing for the night.

Wednesday we just DROVE all day. It was a bit painful. We hit all kinds of construction, it was crazy busy and it was a long drive and two ferry rides.


Yes, undeniably.

And it would have been nice to be able to get out of the car a little more often to enjoy all that the drive had to offer. But we were losing daylight and on a mission! We left The Crossing at 8am and arrived at my uncle’s at 8pmish.

Originally, we were just going to spend the one night at my uncle’s, but I had massively underestimated the drive, and seriously, I needed to get away from the car. So we spent the next day visiting, we went to the beach, we got a sunburn each, and had a great night visiting with the family.

We got away fairly early Friday morning and headed for home.

Along the way we stopped in to visit another cousin, just to touch-base, say hi and keep going. But we ended up having dinner there, and driving home a bit later than planned. We also hit a crazy storm and serious construction just out of Red Deer. The storm was bad enough that it slowed everyone down, and if you’ve ever driven in Alberta, you know that’s a real rarity! It’s 140 or nothing baby!

Map with Satelite

We made it back to Edmonton at about 11pm, right about when I was at the edge of my ability to think straight anymore. 🙂 Perfect timing!

Bed, Pembina, and chilling to follow.

So, as you can imagine, I have HUNDREDS of photos to sort through, stories to tell and ideas to sort out. Hope to get some great posts about our travels out really soon!! 🙂

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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