Things I Missed About Canada

  • My family (of course)
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  • long days in the summer! I love that there is sunshine (particularly up north) until 10 at night. It’s a wonderful thing.
  • wearing t-shirt, shorts and bare feet in the house, all the time any time of the year!
  • Tim Hortons. I know they’re owned by Americans, and that sucks, but I love that it’s fast simple food, and if you don’t have a donut, you don’t feel like you’re eating nothing but junk. 🙂
  • dual lane divided highways. They really need more of these in Australia.
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  • green grass and trees and water. Winter might suck here, but summer is glorious.
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  • image
  • Christmas. Although I hate snow and cold, and that’s why I moved to Australia, the truth is, it’s just not Christmas without the winter, the snow, the cold, and the tradition of Christmas at the family farm.

Once upon a time there were many food things I missed, and ‘ways’ that Canadians did things that I thought Aussies did wrong, but now, it’s these few things that are really special to me.

I must run, we’re off to more visiting, food and fun! 🙂


9 responses to “Things I Missed About Canada

  1. I miss the mountains, trees, and walleyes. Although I hated the mosquitoes, you could at least hear them coming from a 1/4 mile away. Hows Australia? Ever been to Perth?

    • Mountains and trees are lovely, though I’m not a keen fisherman.
      Australia is awesome. Yep, I live pretty close to Perth. About 3 hours southish. Aussie mossies are much worse I think 🙂 the welts they leave on me are massive!!

      • So are Aussies pretty welcoming to strangers or travelers abroad? Its been several years and I read of people that have biked through Australia and am thinking on it myself. Any suggestions or routes? North or South?

      • Absolutely! Aussies are great 🙂 You’ll really enjoy it.
        I’d have a hard time suggesting your route, it wouldn’t matter, though I think looking into the weather would help make that decision. If I’m not mistaken, it’s much more pleasant up north in July-August, for example, avoiding the wet season, but I haven’t gotten much north of the Tropic of Capricorn yet, so can’t speak from experience!
        I really must see more of that country! 🙂
        When are you going over?

      • Looking either late summer or fall of 2015. its the planning, saving $, and acquiring gear and time off. Just one more year then school will be finished and I can focus on work for monies for travels. Im following your posts, thanks and keep the info flowing!

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