Workouts We Did – Tabatas and Such

OMG! We did two SO HARD workouts this week!

Here’s Monday’s workout:


Taken from Pintersest. Pinterest took it from

I did this one time through with my Mother and Sister. It says to repeat 2x for intermediate, but we were clearly not intermediates. It was crazy hard if you put any effort into it.

My sister ended up a sweaty mess on the floor, and my mother did not object to me pulling the pin after the first round of 15 minutes. It was hard and fast and if we repeated it a few times, I have no doubt we would really feel that workout burn fat and build fitness.

I know, it’s only 15 minutes. I should be fitter than that. But it was genuinely hard! I had a super-stiff upper-body thanks to those pushups and tricep dips! Wowsers! 🙂

That was Monday.

This was Wednesday:







Jenny and Tina from We Shall Have Pie suggested we go to the FREE downtown lunchtime workouts. Apparently the City of Edmonton has Zumba class on Mondays and Fridays for free, and this Tabata Circuit on Wednesdays.

Very cool, City of Edmonton.

At a guess, I’d say there were over 30 women (and one guy) there.

Anywho, we did a Zumba-inspired warm-up, followed by some drills: wind-sprints (to the line and back, to the next line and back…) including in crab-style. Also walking lunges both forward and backwards (try that sometime, it’s different!), some pushups… probably a few other things.

Then we did Tabatas – 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, alternating between two exercises. I think the first one was pushups and speedbags, and the second time through the Tabatas it was close leg squats, and wide leg plié squats with a jump if you were keen. (Jenny is the only one who got off the ground. Tina and I were firmly planted.)

We did some other drills in between – some cardio boxing, some squat-high-kicks, and a few jumps. Quite fun! And then some good old fashioned burpees, and core work to finish us off!

It was really good. The instructor was great, there were plenty of options, lots of variety and we were all kept really busy.

Jenny was inspired by this workout, I think, because on our run that evening we did a Tabata of plank-twists (kind of like mountain climbers, but with the knee coming across the body towards the opposite elbow) and crunches, followed by 8 x 80metre sprints.

We followed up with wings and other deep fried numminess at the Crown and Anchor pub, which was great.

The next three days, however, I had DOMS so bad I could barely walk! 🙂 Goodness me Tabatas! You are HARD HARD work!

That proves it’s good for me, right? 🙂

What’s the hardest workout you did this week?


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