A walk through the neighborhood

I went for a nearly 5km walk around the neighbourhood this morning. It was so lovely. Here’s a few pictures.

What variety to see in such a small distance.



I wish you could smell this! Beautiful wild roses! They were just so fragrant!!



They didn’t make playgrounds nearly this cool when I was a kid! 🙂 You can’t quite tell, but it’s MASSIVE and has a pirate ship and a wild monkey bars area, and a little baby BMX track. Super fun, even for big kids! 🙂



Back trails between the houses and the highway.




My favourite flowers. I love Tiger Lilies. These aren’t the best collection in the neighbourhood, but I didn’t go past that garden today…



One of the ‘lakes’ in the neighbourhood. Pretty much all the areas have a ‘lake’ where all the water drains to because this area is so wet and swampy by nature.

It also gives a bit of an impression of the megalith structures that are today’s houses! Goodness me! Will I ever need a three-storey-5-car-garage home? When is it time to say “that’s enough house for me, thanks!?”



We’re off to Saskatchewan for a bit for more visiting with family. It’s great to catch up with everyone. It’s all too rare and it all goes by far too quickly.


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