Holiday plans – sorta (updated)

All things being fluid – I am on vacation afterall – here’s what’s in store for the next few weeks.

(Updated again 2nd August)

(Updated 30th July due to changes to plans with family down south. Another update coming soon, as we get our plan in order.)

It's still coming together...

It’s still coming together…

The second half of the trip is a little less clear. It really depends on who we catch when. Being school holidays here, people have a lot on the go, and holidays of the their own, so we’ve been trying to work around other people’s schedules.

There are a few people I haven’t been able to reach yet, so if you are one of those people and you’re reading this, just say when you’re available! 🙂

  • July – Mon 22- arrive. Dead.
  • Tues 23- Body Balance, walk 1.25km. Make calls. Dead.
  • Wed 24- Body Vive 1st peak, run 1.25km. Banking. Not sleeping still…
  • Thurs 25- Body Vive 2nd peak, walk 1km. Visit with cousin and kids. Fun!
  • Fri 26- Body Balance, run 3km. Shopping.
  • Sat 27- Taste of Edmonton.
  • Sun 28- Calgary to visit cousin
  • Mon 29- Tabata workout. West Edmonton Mall. Run date with Jenny and Tina of We Shall Have Pie fame!
  • Tues 30- late lunch with girls at the Melting Pot.
  • Wed 31- Tabata lunch date and evening run date and wings with Jenny and Tina
  • August – Thurs 1- Shopping for brand new hiking boots! Bike ride with family.
  • Fri 2- Walk 5km, Balance stretches. Value Village shopping spree!!
  • Sat 3- to Moose Jaw to visit Grandparents and other awesome family peoples. Stopping in Brooks along the way to visit even MORE awesome rellies.
  • Sun 4- Moose Jaw
  • Mon 5- Moose Jaw
  • Tues 6- Moose Jaw
  • Wed 7- Amber to airport, to Hudson Bay to visit Grandma and other great rellies
  • Thurs 8- Return to Moose Jaw
  • Fri 9- Return to Edmonton
  • Sat 10- Night Race – 5km Night Run in Edmonton (Jenny and Tina’s 1/2 Marathon!)
  • Sun 11- to Hinton to visit cousin
  • Mon 12- to Lake Louise and other tourist attractions in the Jasper and Banff National Parks
  • Tues 13- Glacier Walk and more touristy things
  • Wed 14- back to Edmonton? To Calgary? To be confirmed…
  • Thurs 15-
  • Fri 16- definitely back in Edmonton again by today
  • Sat 17- Cool River Rafting thing with Tina and Jenny
  • Sun 18-
  • Mon 19-
  • Tues 20-
  • Wed 21- approximate start of our trip to Vancouver. Likely driving now instead of flying.
  • Thurs 22-
  • Fri 23-
  • Sat 24- Run for the Brave (will probably miss this one, will most likely be in BC)
  • Sun 25-
  • Mon 26-
  • Tues 27-
  • Wed 28-
  • Thurs 29-
  • Fri 30- depart Vancouver
  • Time Travel and arrive in Australia sometime a few days later…

Unfortunately, a number of the things I had hoped to accomplish won’t be possible, just due to the timing and the amount of travel required. We didn’t want to have to rent a vehicle multiple times, just one block, if possible, so … we’ll see how things pan out 🙂

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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