Recovery Mode

We arrived safe and sound in Edmonton a few days ago – Monday night local time – and are recovering well.

Economic recovery road sign

International travel can be so exhausting! I often think of it as time travel, after all, we arrived the same day we left, a mere 13 hours later, but with over 24 hours of actual travel in us.

I’m not sure if it’s my age, or what, but it seems these long trips are getting harder, not easier. I have learned what to expect, and am better prepared for many things – dehydration, headaches, lack of sleep, switching to a new time zone… but now it seems I need to learn to get around a few extra things that never troubled me before: swelling legs, upset stomach, and just seeming to need a little longer to switch over to this new time zone.

I am really pleased with how we travelled this time. We went light – only a carry on each – and we both feel we could go much lighter again next time. There is so little need for the extra stuff. I’ve often found that when I travel I wear the same few things over and over because they are the most comfortable and most suitable to the weather. Plus, when you’re visiting family, you really want for nothing. I can borrow shampoo and toothpaste and get my laundry done routinely.

So the first few days here have been relatively uninteresting. Recovering, visiting, sleeping, a little shopping for a few necessities, a couple of workouts.

Monday we got in around 9:30pm and went to bed not too long after, but neither Mat nor I could sleep through the night, making Tuesday a bit more challenging. We both fell asleep a few times just randomly through the day, plus had one big afternoon nap. Mat has done really well this time around, and has not ended up sick as he usually does. Normally he is written off for the first week when we arrive. But this time he didn’t work until midnight every night leading up to our departure. Such a big difference to have a relaxed day to finish packing and get ready to go in our own time.

Mom, Amber and I did Body Balance on Tuesday morning, which was excellent for getting the travel kinks out. The swelling in my legs went down considerably after that. Mom and I also went for a short walk in the afternoon because I needed to move or I’d end up sleeping again. I had to go down for a nap after lunch, and my aim of a 20 minute nap ended up extending out to about an hour-and-a-half. I was just ruined. I did not have the energy for the evening bike ride that Mom had suggested.

It’s Wednesday now, and I got a much better sleep last night. Mat and I did wake up at 2am again, but this time I had no trouble falling back asleep and didn’t get up again until 5:30am. That seemed a perfectly acceptable time to get up, and after a light breakfast, I went for a quick run. Really quick! It was only 1.25 km, but I did go out at a good clip – my max speed was 12.7kph (probably when I was going downhill) but I did notice I was zipping along at 11kph for a bit there. Anyway, the run was only 8 minutes long, but I got a good sweat up, and am now just waiting for Amber to wake up so we can do the first peak of Body Vive for a fun morning workout. I thought it would be good to keep it up, practice the choreography and besides, it’s kind of fun to share what I do with my family.

My Mom is super fit, not just for her age, but compared to most people I know, so I feel like she’s really enjoying the new experiences. Body Balance was a bit of a surprise to both Mom and Amber, I think, because when I said it had yoga, tai chi and pilates in it, they both sat down on their mats! 🙂 Nope, sorry girls, not that kind of workout! 😛

So, no real pictures or adventures yet. Still working on our itinerary, and everything’s coming together, just waiting to hear from a few people about their plans. But I will be sure to share once we get into the swing of things. 🙂


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