Radio Silence


It’s been a few days, and will be a few more before you hear from me again, so we now enter a moment of extended radio silence.

The last few days have been spent trying to get my proverbial in order to leave for Canada, plus wrapping things up at work, so there has been little time and very few interesting stories to tell.

A few highlights from this week:

  • A lovely going away afternoon tea with the Seniors Gym group on Thursday
  • Confirming our house sitter on Thursday night
  • Getting my new stove installed and baking my first batch of cookies on it
  • A super duper going away lunch with the staff on Friday
  • Amazing gifts and thoughtful friends
  • Checking all the ‘big’ things off our ‘must let them know about this’ list
  • Our house sitter cancelling at 2:30 Friday afternoon
  • Panic, desperation, frustration, resignation…. alternative found, though not a terribly satisfying one, but an alternative none-the-less

I have a number of last minute things to take care of today, packing, cleaning, shopping – you know, the usual.

I’ll likely be back mid-week, once the jet lag has worn off and I’m settled in to the new time zone.

Take care till then!


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