Kayaking in the Wind

E and I went out to Lake Ewlyamartup on Sunday afternoon for a paddle.

The weekend was once again bright and warm – unseasonably so – so we were certainly keen to take advantage of it.

Sunday morning was so pleasant, but around noon, the wind started to pick up. The forecast was 17 degrees and a 5% chance of 1-5mm of rain. So, despite the wind, we thought we were safe from getting wet.

Well, we were safe from getting rained on but we certainly got wet!


It threatened all day, but never let loose at all.

On our last trip out, we were both a little uncertain of how to dress for the more wintry conditions, but this time around we were much better prepared. I had my splash pants on (I don’t have rain pants) and the jacket I wore for the rogaine, my water booties. We both remembered towels changes of clothing and we were set to go.

But the wind was a bit wild. And the water a bit shallow. And when the wind whips up down there, it gets surprisingly wavy out on the lake!

It was like riding on the ocean! I am going to need a wave deflector for my kayak to survive many more of these days! I got swamped twice by the waves! My splash pants did NOT protect me at all from the puddle I was sitting in!

E was laughing through it, just riding out the waves, though I was a little worried that I might actually get dumped in this time! 🙂

So there were a few squawks and hollers, but we did end up fine and dandy in the end, changing into clean dry clothes and heading home after nearly 4km of paddling. My arms were really telling me all about it! Paddling into the wind was quite a challenge!

Selection_015 Selection_016 Selection_017

I am going to be looking into buying a pair of rain pants just for this sort of occasion. E was only wet to the calves, but I was soaked and COLD!


The main reason we ended up with suck different wetness levels had more to do with our kayak construction than the gear we were wearing.

E’s kayak is great in these windy conditions because it’s enclosed, and unless she actually tips it over, she’s going to stay relatively dry.

On the other hand, the open sit-on-top style kayak I have is great for still water, or for going out and getting soaked when it’s warm! 😛 Not quite as nice when it’s freezing!! LOL

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of kayak, and despite the seeming short-falls of my kayak in this situation, we are both very happy with our choices.

Es kayak allows her to contain her small child while paddling, as well as carrying a number of things within reach. It’s small, manoeuvrable, and easy to load into the back of the ute or trailer. But it’s not quick and it’s at least as heavy as my kayak.

Mine is relatively quick for its size, is easy to get in and out of (on and off of?) and is quite stable. And if I ever did end up capsizing, it’s not so bad to re-mount, where if Es goes in, and starts to fill with water, you’re fighting a losing battle to empty it out.

Oooh, and E found an egg! Don’t worry, she didn’t disturb any nest or anything, it was sitting at the bottom of the lake (so just a few centimetres down) so already a lost egg, but the neat thing about this is it’s a sign that birds are breeding in the area. Could it be a swan egg?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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