It’s been an emotional couple of days.

I think I generally keep my feelings to myself, except when they slip out in an unexpected irritable grumble or a random squeal of delight. I think, most of the time, I’m kind of on a fairly even keel.

One one hand, I was getting hyped up and excited about the fact that my trip is only 9 or 10 days away. On the other hand, I was feeling rather stressed, for pretty much the exact same reason! I didn’t feel like I had a single thing on my to-do list done to be prepared for the trip. I was anxious about the upcoming change of ‘ownership’ of the Leisure Centre, and my going away party was coming up.

I was feeling a bit vulerable and all over the place.

And then I had an unexpected negative interaction with a friend near the end of the day on Friday. I did something that seemed reasonable and ‘no big deal’ and it upset her way more than I expected. In fact, her response to what happened actually left me feeling completely sick to my stomach. I was feeling so raw already, this smacked me hard.

After that, any of the joy or excitement I was feeling was gone.

I didn’t want to go to my going away party.

Not at all!

I was sad.

But after much soul-searching and a conversation with my friend (in my head (sometimes they’re the best conversations, because you can always go back and have them over and over again until you get them right)) I worked out that what upset me was because I didn’t see the situation from her perspective I was caught off guard and completely unprepared for her anger. I suppose if I had realised it was important to her, I might have done things differently.

But I digress.

Anyway, I went to the party and it was really nice. I think there were about 25 people there and it was fun. Nice dinner, good visiting.

Kobie's Speech

And then KC came up and gave a speech and presented a card and gift and then I had to give a speech, too. I didn’t prepare, I didn’t even think about giving a speech (duh!), so I was tongue-tied.

I didn’t cry, but damn, I came close!

I don’t know if I said anything at all sensible. I can’t quite remember anything other than my voice cracking, and saying at the end: “You are my family” followed very quickly by “I need to sit down now.” This was followed by hugging pretty much everyone in the room. Hugs make me feel WAY BETTER. They’re a wonderful exchange of friendly energy. 🙂

I got a great gift, too! KC did really good! She got me the bag I wanted, some cool socks and matching towel, water bottle, a gift certificate, and really nice hand-cream. Mmmm… And Chocolate! 🙂



So, after a nice night out and a great gift and a huge lift to the spirit, I got up Saturday and did a whole bunch of stuff. I got groceries, bought a few things I’ll need for the trip, I made phone calls and sent messages, set up a play date with E tomorrow, got international roaming on my phone and I did laundry and started packing my new bag for the trip … and was feeling pretty good.

But then, around lunchtime, I ran out of things to accomplish, so I kinda just sat around …

And there’s nothing like sitting around to make me feel sorry for myself.

Is that true for you too?

Fortunately, it was a nice afternoon, so I took Little Miss for a walk. She was stoked! We haven’t been for a walk in ages! And getting moving lifts my spirits so much!

To make it even more entertaining, I tried using my new phone’s S Health app ‘Walking Mate’ just to see how it works.

As it turns out, it’s pretty clever.

I watched it as I walked for a little while, and it keeps a surprisingly accurate count of steps. The distance might be slightly off, I think it recorded the distance as slightly longer than what it actually was (should have been just under 2km I think, not just over). But all-in-all, not so shabby.


And it’s got nice graphics, so who can complain about that? Reminds me of the Perth foreshore.

It has a number of graphs and things, which I think will be more useful once I have more than a single short walk in it, because I just don’t have any useful data to play with.

But guess what’s weird? It doesn’t seem to track the time at all. Maybe I’m just not seeing that?

And since it seems to work on steps and not satelite, it’d be interesting to see how accurate it really is… or will it track with satelite if I turn on my cellular data? (I leave it off and only pick up emails and stuff while I’m in range of wi-fi – why spend the money when you don’t need to?)

Of course, you know what this means?

It means next time I go out for a walk or run, I will have to bring my Walking Mate and my Garmin, just to compare stats.

I will also have to try it with cellular data on to see if it picks up satelite and if this affects or varies the results. 🙂

Oh, and tomorrow E and I are going Kayaking, assuming the weather stays fine. If not, we’ll do something substantially more ‘indoorsy’ 🙂

And just for the drool factor alone, I am preparing this tonight for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Banana Breakfast

Click on the photo to link to the recipe on the original site. Wow, this woman can COOK! 🙂

Hope your weekend is fun, and maybe a little more lighthearted and ‘even’ than mine has been thus far! I don’t think I can manage this rollercoaster much longer!


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