10 Sleeps

I can’t wait to go to bed every night! It is almost time for me to fly away to Canada! 10 sleeeps!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!


Do a happy dance!

I am so excited, I am getting mixed up with my days, hoping it’s later in the week, that days have passed magically.

It’s the ‘next thing’ on my list, so I have been caught out saying things like ‘this time tomorrow…’ when in fact I mean ‘this time two weeks from now…’

Big difference between a day and a fortnight, I know, but my mind and heart are just aching for the break!

Yet, there’s still so much to do.

Isn’t there always?

Work is as crazy as always, and the days are so full. I am so completely finished by 4:30 I feel barely able to function. And I haven’t even got a housesitter! I am just not organised, not one little bit.

This is not how I imagined these last few weeks to pan out, but we’ll get there in the end. We always do, right?


As a complete aside, I picked up the Dymocks 101 Club – their top ‘must reads’ list and so I have decided to try to read everything on the list. I have only read 10 and a half on their list.

And a half?! Yeah. I just couldn’t finish Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. People tell me this book is great, but I was too bored to finish it.

Speaking of boring: Pride and Prejudice. Holy crap! Is there a story there besides people talking trash behind each others’ backs?

This might be another of those half books! I just don’t know if I can finish reading it! How did this end up on a list anywhere for anything other than ‘snobbery 101’?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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