Only because I’m terribly curious

Awhile ago I wondered how far I walk and how hard I work when mowing the lawn. (A little like how curious I was about Little Miss running here-there-and-everywhere on our walks.)

So, today I measured it! 🙂

I thought it was pretty interesting.

First of all, the map! I thought it would be a little more ‘square’ but no, it’s ziggy zaggy crazy everywhere!

Map of Lawn

And I walked 3.29km and it took me a hour and forty minutes! Gads!

Lawn Details

No world records for speed here, but it was a good workout, with a training effect of 2.6, where 2.0 is maintaining and 3.0 is improving. So it’s probably good for me.

Lawn HR 1

And though I never maxed out my heart rate, I kept it up fairly steady for the whole time.

Lawn HR 2

And this turns out to be one of those situations where my average of 66 calories per kilometre doesn’t ring true.

I walked 3.3km, but burned 423 calories (which would be about 128 calories per kilometre).

Divide 423 calories by my average of 66cal/km and I would have, in theory, run the equivalent of 6.4km.

And you know what? I felt like I did way more than 3.3km for SURE!

Because I was pushing that mower around, and because I let my lawn get so long and overgrown, I was working especially hard, even just emptying the catcher. And restarting the mower 100 times because I stalled it in long wet grass… My right shoulder is telling me all about the work I just did! It’s a way more muscular/full-body workout than a run.

And it’s not efficient. You can’t just settle into the rhythm of it like a run (well, I probably could and could have been done in half the time if I hadn’t let it get so crazy long and overgrown, but that’s a completely different point!) ;P

So, now I know empirically that mowing the lawn is a great workout! 🙂 But I’m sad that I can really only claim 3.29km (not 6.4km) for my 2013 in 2013, but I think to do otherwise would be cheating.


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