GRIT your teeth!

This week was fairly low-key for the most part. I did my standard classes that I had to teach, but nothing extra. So my week was okay, but lacklustre.

I’ve been maintaining a pretty good kilometre average per day (check out my 2013 in 2013 side-bar on the right hand side, or my “Recent Runs” page), but I would have taken a big step backwards if I didn’t do a workout on Friday.

And I was seriously considering not working out on Friday…

Friday morning I went to the dentist for what I thought was the last of my root canal appointments.

I was wrong 😦

An hour and a half in the chair, my jaw aching from being leveraged open for the whole time, stuff shoved into the canals and melted in, and another temporary filling put on top.

And still more work to be done.

I need to get a crown, but as I am leaving for Canada in a mere TWO WEEKS (!! 🙂 😀 ) there was not going to be enough time to get that done, too. Plus I need two fillings before I can get my splint, which I need to help deal with the jaw-clenching that seems to have led to all this dental work in the first place…

I don’t mind dental work, to be honest. I’m not afraid of the dentist, and appreciate the work that they are doing to give me a lovely set of teeth – teeth I’d like to still have when I’m old. But it’s expensive. It’s time consuming, and, like most of us, I’d just rather it not be needed.

So, my morning was in the dentist chair. I was hoping to take the rest of the day off work, but that didn’t work out because I didn’t get the timetable completed and to the printers (only a week overdue, but who’s counting, right?), but I did manange to get a few other things done, tax paperwork dropped off, banking, boring stuff like that. Then to work, timetable submitted. Then Mat and I went and bought a NEW STOVE and rangehood! YAY!

I got home after all that and thought: “That’s enough! I can rest now!” (excuse #1). “It’s cold and I can just run on the treadmill instead” (excuse #2) and “I’ve had such a big week, I’m just so tired” (excuse #3).


Then I stopped looking at excuses and started looking at my ‘2013 in 2013’ and realised that I needed to make sure I burned 300+ calories to make sure I meet my 6.5ish km I need every day to meet my goal of 2013km. That wouldn’t happen sitting at home on my butt!

I also decided that as scared as I was to try GRIT Cardio (we were running the class for the first time) someone’s got to go first.


And since I missed the Attack launch on Thursday night (I hate to miss a launch) making me that much further behind in my fitness goals for the week… Plus KS had been training so hard to bring this class to us; he just completed GRIT training two weeks ago and is now ready to teach the GRIT Series… and this would be his first class, and I really wanted to support him and see how he was going with it. Plus, I know how good a great workout makes me feel…

So basically, I really had way more reasons to be there than not.

Grit series

(We are going to start Strength in two weeks for Term 3, and were thinking about Cardio for Term 4 and Plyo Term 1 next year, but we did a trial run to see what people would think. After last night we’re thinking of starting Cardio sooner rather than later…)

So, what’s a GRIT Cardio class like?


The warmup consisted of squats, lunges, pushups, and sprints. Everything after that was a blur of high knees, burpees, pushups, mountain climbers, and me wondering “will I survive this!?” and just when you need it most… sweet, sweet recovery. A beautiful breath of air, a drink of water, and hit it again.

It happens so fast, you don’t have time to really contemplate giving up.

GRIT push

Although some of the moves were way too fast and way too hard for me to do ‘right’ or in time with the music, the fact is, I did this workout. And I felt the burn! I felt the dead in my legs, met the challenge, and didn’t give up.

Check out my heart rate for the GRIT portion!! I got up to 93% of my max heart rate!

(Sorry for poor quality, using a different computer, haven’t worked out the kinks on this one yet.)

GRIT HR chart

HR BPMHR percentage

Things I love about GRIT Cardio – the huddle, the high fives, the energy.

Things I hate about GRIT Cardio – mountain climbers and burpees. I suck at those. I must do more of them to make them easier and then they won’t suck so bad anymore 🙂 On the up-side, the few mountain climbers in CX that we did were a breeze after doing GRIT 🙂


There was a good range of ages in the class, and I was impressed, because one person is in her 50s (same age as my mom, actually) and then there was me, two uber-fit 30-something year olds, and two girls in their early 20s. A nice mix, and we ALL did it!!

CX followed, and it was good. Although challenging, as always, I left this hour of power feeling better than when I arrived!

Like I knew I would 🙂


2 responses to “GRIT your teeth!

    • It’s a Les Mills class, and I’m sure they’ll have them somewhere in Edmonton by now. No DVDs available for this, but I imagine it’s what Insanity is like. It’s a bit HIIT workout, this one focusing on Cardio. They also have another called Strength where you use the bar and sometimes a bench to do a power workout, plus a new one Plyo, that is apparently like an obstacle course and involves LOTS of jumping!
      I did a quick search on the Les Mills site and can’t find anyone in Edmonton doing them yet… Shame! They are CA-RAY-ZEE!!

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