Something Different

Look!Ā  A post NOT about rogaining! šŸ™‚ (Though there will be others, trust me! šŸ˜‰ )

It’s been a great weekend, though perhaps a little exhausting!

Here’s a few highlights:

Friday night I went to the local play, “Don’t Get Your Vicars in a Twist!” with E and her hubby and a few others. Mat missed it as he was coming back from Perth, and didn’t get home till much later than anticipated. It was a cute and clever little play, and I must say I really admire the people who put themselves out on stage like that. A good night, great laughs. Well and truly past my bedtime though. I’m turning into such a nanna. šŸ˜›

Saturday I took my old oven surround, which we last left off looking like this:

kitchen oven 1

I smashed the begeeberies out of it with a crowbar and sledgehammer for a couple of hours:

kitchen oven 2

Until finally, we were left with this delightful empty space:

kitchen oven 3

Time to go buy me a new stove! šŸ™‚

Then Sunday, I did a major repair job on the dog fence, which got demolished by my horse Nero – who has never really understood that fences are for keeping him on one side or the other – when he decided the grass definitely looked greener on the other side.

I changed the fence configuration so that it now allows us to open the back door and not worry about Little Miss getting out and it now also has a gate so we can get in and out of the yard without having to walk all the way around the house. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in fact, it was really inconvenient the way it was.

No photos to show of that, it’s not pretty, but so far it’s keeping the dogs in, and I reckon it seems larger, and will make playing with the dogs more common. Now we have a decent sized yard we can throw the ball in.

And maybe, one day, if I wish hard enough, it’ll be done properly…

A girl can dream šŸ˜‰

Sunday afternoon was the best. E and I went kayaking on Lake Ewly. It was a gorgeous day. Clear, bright, warm enough. Neither of us were sure what to wear. As it turns out, something waterproof would have been good! I was *soaked* and that water was COLD! šŸ™‚


The paddle was nice for the most part. It did get really windy and choppy up the back half and we both got pretty wet – though E brought her rain pants and managed to stay mostly dry. I wore those same old track pants I wore to the rogaine and was drenched!

However, things settled down as we got to the west side and we went up exploring the inlet. Although the water level was really low, the inlet had a decent channel and I managed to get further along there than I ever had – even seeing the road from where I was.


E got stuck on a sand bar and we had a few good chuckles with me trying to ‘shake her out’ – which did not work, and her grunting and rocking as she tried to paddle herself off. It was pretty funny, but it might have been a location joke: you just had to be there šŸ™‚


There were around 100 black swans on the lake. I wish I had managed to get a better shot of them. They’re really large and impressive birds, and they seemed completely unconcerned with us. In fact, we thought there was a group of them following us for awhile.


Anyway, it was a nice casual paddle, just 4.3km, but it was far enough for my arms and shoulders, which had already had a few great workouts over the weekend. šŸ™‚


One of the many areas that used to be underwater. Here’s hoping for more rain!!

And I think that fairly sums up the big weekend events!

How was your weekend? Fun? Productive? Restful?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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