Maps and Stats from the Rogaine

Are you sick of posts about Rogaining yet?


First, here’s a quick look at our summary maps:

Selection_008 Selection_002

Yeah, we went all over the place!!

Check out the summary of Day One.



And how fast we were going…



Here’s the Day Two summary.

Selection_003 Selection_007 Selection_006 Selection_005

Initially I thought we were going MUCH slower on day two, but we actually weren’t too bad considering our injuries.

Below is a quick table to help compare the two days, so you don’t have to troll the pictures for data. (I can’t seem to put the chart anywhere else but at the end of the post. Sorry if this mucks with the flow of things.)

So, we gather it, but what does it all mean? What’s the biggest take away from all this data?

That our average speed over all terrain, over a variety of distances, day/night and light conditions, is really consistent at 3kph.

Why is that relevant?

Because we planned based on 2.5kph, and we were way ahead of ourselves. That means that we can easily work off this number for future events, and build on it as we become fitter and more accurate navigators on the fly.

Cool, right? 🙂

Total Distance Total Time Moving Time Ave Speed Moving Speed Max Speed Calories Cal/km
Day 1 37.7km 11:44:00 07:43:00 3.2kph 4.9kph 6.8kph 2665 70
Day 2 7.95km 02:32:00 01:42:00 3.1kph 4.7kph 5.4kph 431 54
Totals: 45.65km 14:26:00 09:41:00
Differences: Total – Moving Time: 4:25 ‘standing around’
Averages: 62 cal/km

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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