Rogaining Rocks!


Hell yeah!

So, this weekend was a lot of fun! I have so much to talk about, so I think I might have to do a bit of a series on Rogaining.

Today I’ll just do a quick recap of the weekend and I’ve got plans for a few more detailed posts about what Rogaining is all about, loads of pictures, and lessons learned.

This weekend Mat, E and I went to some random bit of bush about two hours north of us, and set up camp with around 400 other crazy souls. We had almost two hours to review our map, set our course, and get ready.

We decided we’d only do about 21-24km on day one, or 8-10 hours, and set a course accordingly, but things were going so swimmingly, we were so far ahead of ourselves, that we decided to tack on a few extra controls.


Unfortunately, Mat and I both ‘broke’ somewhere between 8 and 10 hours each, and E had to more or less drag us along as dead weight for the last two hours. I suffered from some ridiculous blisters, and Mat’s knees were giving him serious grief.

E, on the other hand, was a bubbling beacon of green beanie energy! Thank goodness we had her to follow, as we trudged along on dead legs.

In all, we marched about 37km in 12 hours!


I had to stop and put my feet up…. oh those blisters were KILLING me!

We came limping in around midnight, ate some delightful hot food at the Hash House, and caught a few hours sleep. Despite how weary I was, I didn’t sleep as well as I hoped, because my muscles ached so much and my toes were so painful! I had blisters on pretty much every single toe! My glutes, hamstrings and calves were on fire and cramped. Every time I rolled over I woke myself up.

Despite my complaints, I slept pretty soundly when I did sleep, and we didn’t get up until 7am. Hit the track again from about 8am, and only walked for about 2.5 hours, and 8km.

E was keen to keep going, but I unabashedly said no. My feet were not going to let me keep going. Mat’s knees were killing him and he was having trouble keeping up even on the tracks.

We headed in, packed up camp and ate some more, while we waited for presentations.

We came in 30th out of 149 teams! 1600 points!

1600 was a personal best for both Mat and I. My previous PB was 1320 points, and I think Mat’s was 680. Not too shabby for a group of people who haven’t done it for at least 2.5 years, and who haven’t really been training.

We suffered, yes, and spent the next day hobbling around like crippled old cowboys, but after a long hot shower, a massage with the Magic Gypsy Wand, some pain relief, and a good nights sleep in our own bed, we were both pretty darn good. I still had tight calves, and Mat had one knee that was still sore, but more or less, we came up pretty good. Most of my blisters popped on their own, and other than not being able to do a calf raise to save myself, I was pretty pleased with our recovery.

That was all the more encouragement for us to get back out there and have another big crack at it, and get a little more competitive about it.

We were all so amped after this event we decided to aim for 2000 next time.

2000 is a BIG hurdle, that will mean getting far more organised and much better prepared. (This will certainly be the point of a whole blog post on its own.) Even E, who is an experienced Rogainer, bush walker, Scout-type person (she’s walked across Corsica, and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, so she kinda knows what’s she’s doing), hasn’t busted the 2000 point mark yet.

So, we have something BIG to aim for!!


2 responses to “Rogaining Rocks!

  1. Whoa, cool! It seems to be like “orienteering” … I think!
    I thought our 6 hour city chase was intense, that is nothing compared to what you did!

    • Yes, it is like orienteering on steroids. Longer distances (1-2km between controls), longer time frames (6 hours is shortest, 24 hours most commonly) and less details on the map. Same principle however. šŸ™‚

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