Exit Mode

I’ll be leaving work in about a month, and there is so much to do before I go!

So many of my days feel frantic, frenetic, full of energy and doing and fixing and going and making and finishing, there are ridiculous flurries of activity…

But despite my best efforts, many parts of my days at work are just filling in time. Waiting.

Many activities I used to put time and energy into are getting left to ‘fend for themselves.’ I’m getting lazy about many things.

I’m falling into Exit Mode…


Sunday was a netball carnival. And instead of the standard 1000 questions I ask of a client about their event, and the long preparation lists that I provide to the staff, I kinda went, “eh, she works here, she knows what she’s doing, we’ve had a million of them, 70 people’s not many, we’ll be fine.”


As a result, I not only threw two girls under a bus with lack of preparation, I also tarnished the very polished reputation of our centre and staff.

Now in the end, everyone was still happy, things worked out  and the staff did an amazing job, but it brought to my attention that I’m not paying attention to the details anymore.

I suppose, in my own defence, it’s to be expected and I can’t do everything anyway. But it’s not nice to leave the staff in the lurch like that.

I have always found it annoying when people just quit working before they are done. I know there’s a certain amount of handover and if you’ve quit, it’s usually for a reason, and hey, I understand that not much gets done in the last week of work. I really really do. But getting paid for a month of non-work. Now, that’s just plain rude. It completely goes against my personal code.

Blame my mother, she gave me this work ethic. 😉

So, I am going to do my very best, my complete utmost, to continue to do good work through to the end. To make the transition for my staff as easy as possible. And it could just be that I need to redirect my focus from the unending pile of administravata that lies in wait for me every day, and focus on the people that are there. Time to turn things over to them, and to support them in the transition, instead of me just trying to do everything and waiting for some new ‘miracle’ person to come out of the woodwork and just figure it all out because I left them a neatly (neatish?) ordered desk to sit at.

Time to stop focusing on the number of sleeps left, and focus on the job at hand! It is still my job, afterall 🙂


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