Saturday to Saturday

My week at a glance:

Because Monday to Friday is just so Old School... Source:

  • Last Saturday I did SFA. I think I worked a bit, but mostly I didn’t do much of anything. I just couldn’t be bothered. So tired of all the ‘have tos’.
  • Sunday I picked up the pieces and shoved two days of cleaning and training into one day. Did 90 minutes of Vive training. Although I didn’t exactly ‘lock away’ the choreography for any of the tracks, I got familiar with them all, especially first peak.
  • Monday I got up early, as per my intentions and did Vive training for half an hour before work, then went to the Body Pump launch where I was way too conservative with most of my weights (except for the back track, where I really really need to work on engaging my core before I ‘catch’ the bar on a clean) followed by a delightful Body Balance class.
  • Tuesday I did not wake up, did not train, did not pass go, did not collect $200. Oops. But I did do CX Worx and Body Vive, so not a complete loss.
  • Wednesday was actually a really good day for the most part, and things were going swimmingly and I almost went back to Pump, but Mat came home early, we had a nice chat and it was just so relaxing that I didn’t go out again until Body Balance. Oh, did I mention I again did not get up early!?
  • Thursday I did not feel good. I felt like a bucket of poo, to be honest. Drugs, vitamins, headaches, tired, no staff, no energy, no Vive, no Attack. Ugh. Went home after work and fell asleep on couch at 5pm. Needed that rest BIG time.
  • Friday feeling so much better. Still a icky “thick” throat, but mostly okay. Took it kinda casual in the afternoon. Looked at the new GRIT Strength and Cardio releases. Crapanzola!! Did HIIT Cardio and CX Worx that evening. Again staff failed to show up for work. Fought a losing battle, went home and just crashed. Declined a very nice invite to go out to a bonfire with nibbles and kunacks (sp??) but was dead in bed at 9pm and had the funkiest dreams I’ve had in a long time. Apparently, I gave Mat all kinds of heck for ‘rolling onto the turtle!’ I don’t recall this.
  • Saturday was all about training for Vive and Balance. My focus was the first three Vive tracks I need to know and after my session I feel reasonably comfortable with the choreography, despite hating track three. Balance got only a cursory review. Need to put more time in, but was feeling really flat so made sure I watched the whole thing through very carefully, and practised the first two of my tracks. The lovely thing about Body Balance is that there is almost always time to figure out what’s coming next, so as long as I get a grip on the choreography, I’ll be fine.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to a big Sunday of training, and a big week of exercise and oh so much work stuff.


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